I've never been myself. I've always been whoever was the main character of my DD. I don't think I ever developed a stable personality and now that I'm losing my ability to DD I am constantly having to re-evaluate  who I am. I feel like I lost myself along with my daydreams.  I don't know how to act anymore. I don't know how to dress anymore. I don't know who I am and I hate it. 

I'm going to talk to my psychiatrist about this, but I don't see her for an entire month. I wish I'd never started medication.

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Comment by taffle on June 24, 2013 at 8:30am

It's a good idea to find yourself, develop a strong sense of who you are, and try to detach from your DD characters. I also lost myself several times in the past but over the last couple years, I started finding myself, asking questions like what I like and what my passion is. I didn't stop DD but I was able to dissociate from my characters without thinking I am them. The characters reflect hidden aspects of myself that I didn't know about previously or that I've suppressed, so in a sense the characters reflect a part of me. However, I am not them. I am much more than my daydreams. There's a difference.

Comment by Pascale on June 23, 2013 at 2:50pm

I never took medications but I guess what you experience is like jumping in deep water before you know you can swim. A lot of your personality was hidden in DD but it is still there.

Do not ask who you are, the question is far too complicated. Begin with easier questions like what you like and what make you feel happy.

If finding how to dress is a issue, go shopping. You don't need to buy something you need to try a lot of things. And ask yourself each time how you feel about this or this outfit. Does it feel like you? Is the seller speaking at you making you feel good or does she upset you. Do not judge your feeling, they are there for a reason. Learn to accept them.

If you are too depressed to go shopping find web shop or web side about fashion an try to imagine yourself  in different outfit. How that make you feel. Your feelings are the key. If you are not able to feel anything ring to your psychiatrist and ask for a new appointment ASAP, there is something really wrong  with your medication.

Comment by Amanda Lynne on June 22, 2013 at 6:24pm

I completely get what you're saying. I often feel that way too. Like, when I started using daydreaming as a means of escapism, I was almost completely detached from reality. I never did finish developing my stable personality. And when I started trying to stop, it got scary because for so long that has been what defined me as a human being. It's the scariest emptiness. 

But I'm finding little pieces of who I am, or who I was meant to be. Little traits that I never allowed to finish growing or developing. & I'm focusing on them. And I believe if you search within yourself hard enough you'll find little pieces of you. & You can carry them with you & hang on to them.

But at the same time, don't forget you can be whoever you wanna be. Whatever you wanna be. You're under no obligation to be who you were 5 minutes ago. Life is about creating yourself. Make peace with your past, but let it go & juts try to push forward.

Sorry if I didn't help

Comment by Caet Gardner on June 22, 2013 at 8:20am

I, too, feel I lost myself when the daydreaming stopped. Without it, I have dropped into a anxiety and depression. I functioned much better in the "real" world when I was able to DD. I believe medication took it from me, too. We've got to hang in there.

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