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I CANT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST FOUND!!! (in my old composition book)

So, i was curious (more like dying to know) what caused my MD. and i was looking back at things that i wrote when i was 9 to 12 and im still not done! at first from what i read just blown away by the real cause of my MD, then i was immensely happy remembering all the good times i had when my MD was just a miniscule pleasure i did in life... then i got sooo mad.... i was tearing up papers and i was just so pissed of at how much YEARS i have wasted in MD.. but im not going to get into that because i dont think another tyraid would be best for me right now... but anyways after i had calmed down i realized my MD started just out of fun and i am sooooo grateful that i wrote so many things down back then!!!!!! But being me i couldnt leave with the fact that my MD was just out of boredom in class so i decided to keep looking through everything i had (still not done) and stumbled across this one long passage.... and i had NO idea how baddd my MD was.. so HERE IT GOES:

(Oh and disregard any grammatical errors or sentences that dont make sense because i was just trying to sound like a sophistocated 12 year old hahaha)


The way we know planet earth is a matter of perspective. Others might comprehend the world as decietful. Yes, life is unfair, but i have no similarities to those who believe our planet is consumed of treachery. But, no matter if you find the earth appealing or not,(capitalze for dramatic effect)  NOTHING CAN HOLD ME BACK FROM DREAMING ABOUT OF FAR-AWAY NON-EXISTENT PLACES! Since, i am still sane (ha, barely!) i know these worlds are impossibilities yet i continue to alter reality with even the slightest of unrealistic imagination ( i have no idea what i was trying to say lol).




But trying to restrain my imagination from combining with reality is more of a struggle than i assumed.


and then i went on about my current daydream.. little did i know that this would become much worse when years past but i have no memory of ever having trouble trying to "restrain my imagination from combining with reality". but knowing myself, i was probably trying to just be dramatic.. but im not 100% convinced.. and then at the very end i wrote something my character of myself had said "Life can be meaningless even with all the power in the world"... i said that because i imagined me and 2 of my best friends that i imagined had the best superpowers that i could imagine and could easily rule the world but the government kept a close eye on them.... blah blah blah.. sorry i was babbling again wasnt I? ANYWAYS, I was just so shocked to read that and felt like sharing it with you all... also i shared it because typing it out helps me think what i said through.

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