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i was thinking about what my mom said to me yesterday morning and was just wondering if anybody else thought the same thing or just any thoughts in general about it...so here it goes

my grades have been dropping lately because of my (you guessed it) MD... im not proud of it. but anyways my mom was giving me my daily dosing of threats with the cliche "if you dont pull your grades up then there will be serioius consequences" rant. and she was going on and on about everything she could possibly take away from me but i kept thinking to myself during the whole conversation "she can take away everything she wants but one thing she cant take away from me is my daydreams." and i easily smiled at that thought.. but with my inability to let things go i kept replaying the whole scene over and over in my head and then i got instantly worried: what.if.she.took.away.my.ipod. and i literally stared hypervehnilating (sp) because i cant daydream without my music! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! maybe that could be the cure.. (for me at least), have someone take away all headphones in my house. that might actually work! what are your thoughts on it?

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Comment by Nico Lilly on January 22, 2011 at 12:06am
I find music certainly intensifies my daydream but I can daydream easily without it too. If you think it may help, give it a try...? and let us know how you get on!
Comment by Cordellia Amethyste Rose on January 21, 2011 at 10:03pm

Yeah, I got all kinds of threats when I was a kid...........pretty much day and night, but the people I lived with were completely nuts......beyond what's normal.  It was actually completely emotionally abusive.  Threats don't help people get better, and for people with MD, they can make it worse.  Getting stressed out won't make it easier for you to focus and study.  I know how hard it can be to get school work done with this condition.  I'm 30, and I've had it all my life.  My grades got worse and worse, and the more people fought and yelled at me, the more I wanted to daydream.  I'm certain that my MD would not have been nearly as bad had they been nicer and more supportive.  I'm sure your mom is a nice person who's just frustrated, but either way I hope she realizes that getting mad won't help.  


This is why I wish this condition were more well-known, and why I want it to be.  If people knew about it, then we could just tell them without having to explain and convince them.  It's not your fault you struggle so much.  It's really hard to try and think in 2 realities at once.  It makes you smart and creative, which can be a good thing.  It takes a lot of work to live like this.  


The great thing about living openly is that people can't get mad at me for how I am anymore.  Any time I space out or act a little different, I just tell them.  It's because I have a daydreaming condition & I zone out all the time.  What are they going to say?  "Oh, you evil person.  You zoned out."  They don't even think it's weird once I say it.  Everyone zones out.  We just do it a lot more and it has consequences.  Any time people can live openly about who they are, it feels  a lot better.  There's always a phase of having to explain it to everyone, but once you get the hang of it, it gets really fun and easy.  It just takes practice.  Now when I bring it up (because I've zoned out like 50 times in a conversation), people are interested and want to learn more.  It makes me more interesting to them.  

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