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never been more frustrated! (daydreamers block)



phew, now that thats out... I AM SO FRUSTRATED! Sigh... im going through a depressing period in my life right now, just several things going on that are out of my control and now when i need my daydreaming the most to help me cope with all this madness, i cant think of ANYTHING to daydream about! this has never happened before and it angers me to no end! no matter how many songs i listen to, no matter how many books i read or movies i watch i cant seem to catch a structured daydream!!!!! whats wrong with? i guess i have ( dare i say) daydreamers block! what can i do about this????????? my family keeps asking me whats wrong and i am totally out of control of my emotions i cant help but feel sorry for myself... and it dosent help that my closest friends are being so distant ( but i wont go into that...). i dont feel like doing anything at all. everything seems unimporant. i actually felt like i could do something productive in life WITH MD! i know that sounds odd but i dont know i just cant think straight right now! i dunno.. what should i do? please help! ugh!

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Comment by Gemma on February 10, 2011 at 7:21am

I get daydreamers block every now and again which is annoying because i cant go to sleep unless i daydream so it effects my life just as much as if i was day dreaming.

I usual get inspired by music, books and films but sometimes to get inspired i try something new like films, books or music i didnt think i would like and sometimes that would spark a new daydream. I also find that i re-run old day dreams when i dont have new inspiration.

Hope that may help and i hope things get sorted for you.

Comment by Ezke on February 9, 2011 at 5:57pm

I can relate a bit to what you're saying, lizzy. There have been times when my daydreaming has simply shut off unexpectedly. It's rare, but when it does disappear, it takes with it the ability to absorb and enjoy books, music, people, life, etc. It's as though I can't think, experience or process anything unless doing so within the daydream structure. Without that structure, my mind is lost. Not wandering --- lost.

Anyway, I wish I could offer some advice. I'm sorry to know you're going through such a tough time.

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