Has it really been 8 months? Part 3

Part 3 begins...


Something AMAZING happened. Something I never thought would ever happen. Something I've read about here on this site and I always thought there was NO WAY I'd be able to do it........

I told my two very best friends about my MD. 

It happened one night after youth group. They had stayed after to help me clean up and we began talking. I wish I had been able to get on and just blog about it right away because it's been so long now I forget most of the details.... But I'll tell all that I remember.

We had been talking about whether we were right brained or left brained. My one friend is very artistic and is definitely Right Brained; and the other is very calculative and definitely Left Brained. Now from everything I've read and every quiz I've taken says that I am left brained. But I really don't feel that way. How could I be left brained? They say that left brained people are NOT creative, but I know for a fact that I am.... I mean I've created over a hundred different characters in fantasy worlds and I've been doing it all of my life.... So my RB friend said how she used to get in trouble in school for daydreaming. I told her I used to daydream all the time. She had some sort of argument like that they thought she had ADD and all this stuff, and that she was always spaced out, way more than just normal daydreaming; so I brought up Maladaptive Daydreaming. I said that some people can't control it and they have intense daydreams that completely take over and it stays with them even in adulthood. And I said that I had done some research on it a couple of years ago because I thought I might be schizophrenic, being 20 years old and still pretending that I'm some one else. There was a lot of awkward silences during this conversation; it was really hard for me to tell my deepest darkest secret, even to my two best friends, but they were good to me. They waited and let me take my time bringing it up to the surface and laying it on the table (literally on the table because we were sitting at a table and I was writing things out for them...). I told them the generally stuff about MD about this site and why I know I have it. My LB friend said "That explains so much.." I don't really know what he meant by that, I guess he'd noticed something in my behavior that I thought I kept pretty well hidden...

I told them about my "fan-fiction" daydreams; where I dream about being characters from or being a character in certain anime/ tv show. But then I told them the big one. The original creation I started when I was like 9 or 10 and have been developing ever since. I just unleashed my mind to them. It was awesome. I was really scared the whole time, I was shaking and fumbling my words and I was all bashful and excited and scared all at the same time... But they loved it! They kept asking questions, wanting to know more of the story. They told me to write it down and make books (which is something I've always wanted to do but have just never been able to accomplish). My RB friend said "You're a literary genius!" I almost cried. They were so genuinely impressed by my creativity they asked me questions all night! We stayed in the youth room at my church talking about it until 1:30am when my mom started to get worried why I wasn't home. lol.  But it was a great experience! I told them about it and they didn't think I was weird, they didn't want to stop talking to me (all the things I fear when I think about telling some one....) They loved me even more! And that night, I think we all became closer as friends.

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