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im desperate for human connection. I don't go on here very often anymore, but I thought where better to look than a place where people understand and don't judge me. I really miss laughing more than anything. I even wrote a blog about it. so if anyone is looking for humor and friendship, I am also. please, I need to talk to people and connect with them. I don't know how to be more up front about it. I hope there is someone out there listening. if there is, ill be waiting.

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Comment by MatthewR on September 13, 2015 at 1:11pm

Yeah, i know what you mean. The chat used to be quite empty, so i didn't come online either. If i see you online we can commiserate.

Comment by Roel on September 6, 2015 at 10:40am

Just spend some time in the chatroom of this site in the evening ( or whatever time that is where you live ;) ) Lately there have been a lot of fun and interesting people there who like to talk :D
It's not entirely the same as meeting people irl, but personally I don't see much difference. I even like chatting online more :p

And there's also me! :p

It's more than normal to have that desire to connect with people and not wanting to be lonely, we all have it ;) I hope you find what you are looking for somewhere. Never give up ;)

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