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A heavy snowstorm has knocked out the schools and workforce alike, blinded the streets and shaded everything milky white. You wouldn't be able to stand outside without being touched by the sky in between blinks. 

It had snowed before but it's not winter in my city unless it's like this. 

A few years back I was released from class midday when the temperature hit past -27F. 

Now it's warm and 30F, but each step in the earth feels like shallow quicksand, 'cause you fall easily through the ground but can't stand to get back up for air when the air is just as suffocating. 

Days like these make reality feel distant. All is still there, but any that are living close themselves off into a home. I look outside and things seem farther away from me, and it's harder to tell if they exist. 

Sometimes my house is just as cold. 

What is weather in January for you? Does it influence your daydreams? 

Storms, snow or rain, make my time spent daydreaming longer. 

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