Does you feel like you're not maturing correctly because of MD?

Hi everyone, how are you all doing ??
Today I was thinking about how my MD condition interrupts me strongly in my "maturing". I feel like it blocks me from doing work and other "real life" responsabilities. Almost as if it'll keep me in an infantile behavior for so long and I just cant break free from this...
I dont trust myself anymore because all my doings are interrupted by Daydream, out of my control...
And I feel so bad to be like this, I dont produce, I'm a adult and I wish I could be more stable...I wish I had a grown up mind, not a willy Wonka nightmare hahahahaha but seriously, my mind is always dreaming into worlds so deep I cant react correctly in real life anymore.

It's been so long since I talked with someone, so just venting my head lil bit...

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Comment by Kiruba Victor on April 25, 2021 at 8:51pm

I've had that too. I've found myself screwing up important tasks like my final year project review because of this and I've relied on my teammates often to back me up. Maybe, once I finish my degree, things will be better.

Comment by Ani De on March 28, 2021 at 2:09pm

Hey folks,

Just wanted to come on here to say you don't need degrade yourself for that - 'fluffy, childish' . That's what I fear the world around my generally would do, because of a lack of empathy. This could happen to anyone in the right circumstances; me personally, i had no friends growing up, so I have been longing for this friendship - and there is nothing wrong with that- I finally became my friend in lots of different bodies. What is 'childish' about longing for a certain connection? (i'm not angry, it's a genuine question)  I understand this might come from frustration, but hey give yourself some love. <3 :) 
Well, hope you're all doing alright; but honestly I have the feeling to be more productive in my life and stop the bad mental impact it has on me, I might need a professional.

Take care!

Comment by Jessica Ballantyne on March 25, 2021 at 6:25pm

I used to be that way as a young kid. I'd freak out if I knew my upcoming responsibilities in the day, and my mind keeps on slipping into a daydream. I figured that I got it under control, that is, until I recently started a new job that involved concentrative training, and when I realized how detailed oriented it was, I was so worried my daydreams will cause me to screw up and fall behind. I'm not even a fast learner, but when my team is talking in meetings and showing me stuff, it's as if I'm really half there. I'm so concerned that I'll miss points and run into trouble shoots, or they'll find out I'm not paying attention. There's this other designer that I'm partnered with that obviously doesn't daydream and is skillful, accomplished and independent, listens hard and is very liable. I actually wish that I had her mind and not my fluffy brained ways. 

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