Hi all,

I was wondering what your best ways to handle MD in your day to day lives are?

I am struggling to minimise my daydreaming and I do not want it to take over my life.

It can help and be a source of creativity, comfort and escape but I would like to hear some

suggestions of how to fantasize less so I can enjoy the moments and people around me, if you have any...

Thanks guys and have a good day! :)

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Comment by F J on January 9, 2015 at 7:34am
Reverie, I can imagine stopping at once would be hard, I want to find a way to learn to live with this part of me and use it to help me cope with anxieties of life.

I try to limit the daydreams for certain times like taking a break from studies but I get so caught up and I don't know how to keep it short haha. I love doing it when I'm commuting though it makes travel more fun.

Thanks for your advice :D
Comment by F J on January 9, 2015 at 7:28am
Fitri Kamelia, I'm also a person of faith and praying helps me too. Writing my daydreams sounds like a good idea and it might help inspire my poetry and short stories so I'll definitely give it a go, thank you!
Comment by Reverie on January 9, 2015 at 6:48am

Normally, I don't daydream when I hang out with other people, so maybe spending more time with friends or joining some kind of society or club would be a good idea. The best thing is to arrange a meeting straight away instead of saying 'we can meet someday' (which basically means...never). 

Recently I've read an article about procrastination and they wrote that one of the ways is to make sure that each hour you're doing and focusing only on at least one thing, for example, from 2pm to 3pm you're reading an article, then from 3pm to 4pm, you're doing something else. 

You can also try meditation, or any other way to bring yourself back to here and now. Currently, I'm looking for an object with an intriguing texture, since I'm a tactile person I want to try to simply focus on the object in my hand every time I start daydreaming. I'm not sure if it's gonna work, but I can always try. 

Sometimes I have a phase when all my days are very busy and I simply have no time to daydream and then I just feel the strong need to shut myself and daydream all the time to simply relax. It's my way of responding to this rather unusual situation, but last time it happened, people didn't see me for a month, because I would spent whole days either attending lectures or shut in my place. So, it's quite important that you minimise it slowly.

It's important to give yourself some time to daydream anyway (when I wanted to cut it down straight away it was terrible, I basically felt empty, lonely and worthless). What if you try daydreaming only when you're walking/cycling/commuting to work/school and let's say, an hour before going to bed? 


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