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Cleaning Through My Old Stuff Through Spring Break

Hey guys!

It's spring cleaning time and I'm going through everything in my room one last time before I leave for college. Sifting through the huge piles of papers and stacks of sketch books is going to be fun; I always find gems from my DD that I have forgotten about. So I think all next week I'll be posting old pictures and stories all the way back from when I first started to day dream (around first grade). I might even super compile everything and log them into one continuous timeline and post it here xD

woooooot xD I hope you guys have fun on your spring vacations! 

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Comment by Kay M on March 28, 2015 at 2:45pm

I cant wait! I find it interesting to read about your daydream world. It makes me want to organise and upload all my old stuff.

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