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(Scene of the Great Green Plague released in 2015 by a far right terrorist group)

As promised, I went through all of my old drawings when I cleaned my room and definitely found sound old stories I left out when first posting on here. This is the story of how my day dream world came to be. Ten years in the making, my world has been through massive overhauls and characters changed, added, deleted and such. Some drawings on here will be, er, um, well, I drew some as far back as the second grade so the artistic value of my work can be seen improving up until now.


An organization that was founded by teenagers to help teenagers in the real world was formed in 2010, it was known as the Preparers. It had four components: ShadowForce, a pseudo-military arm; ScienceForce, a science arm; CookingForce, the home arm; and BusinessForce, the corporate arm. It gained popularity to a point where it opened a new chapter every week. ShadowForce quickly became the organization's most popular arm, and in retaliation, the other three cut off most of the funding to ShadowForce. It wasn't a good idea. After a huge feud caught on national television, ShadowForce split from the Preparers. This caught the eye of congress, who were growing ever so more weary of ShadowForce's growing power. Congress started writing a bill to outlaw ShadowForce, so Colonel Willows, the head of ShadowForce tried to prove its use to the nation. He started campaigns for survival awareness, helped out in natural disasters, donated all lot of dues to charity, and started spying on suspected terrorists.

One group that ShadowForce spied on was the Hoffman Terror Group, headed by religious extremist Walter Hoffman and his whole family. Walter wanted to start the Apocalypse so he and the righteous could be raptured ( be the last ones left on Earth) his daughter, Heather wasn't convinced about the religious stuff, but she wanted to be powerful. She and her friends helped her parents with starting the Apocalypse by finding the best scientists in virology and kidnapping them.
   (Heather Hoffman, founder of the Hoffman Empire)

They then forced the scientists to construct a virus to kill off most of humanity, spies from ShadowForce found out about it, and ran quickly to the Federal government, but they dismissed the plot and continued to pursue ending ShadowForce. Walter Hoffman forced the scientists to try harder and faster to make the perfect disease, but as ShadowForce was closing in with harder and harder evidence, he grew weary. Finally a ShadowForce spy infiltrated the Hoffman compound in New York to get evidence, but was captured. 

(This was the spy, identity and fate unknown)

It was too late for anything now, Walter rushed production before final tests and killed the scientists. Millions of gallons of the stuff were shipped across the world and released at the same time. (picture at the top of the article) people inhaled the gas and got terminally ill. People died usually a day or two after being infected; except for the world's youth. All of the children and most of the teenagers were unharmed while all of the adults died off. This is the start of my world.

(Images of after many people died, ShadowForce provided help. I drew this in 6th grade)

Chaos of the epidemic ensued, mass suicides, looting, break down of all government happened in weeks. ShadowForce tried to consolidate in the Chicago area. There was a massive warehouse of supplies by the banks of the Kankakee river to the South of Chicago, Colonel Willows led a march to it, away from the danger of the city. Queensland was founded.

TL;DR, this is the beginning of my daydreams. How do your day dreams start?

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Comment by Richard Quest on April 25, 2015 at 3:16pm

@the1andonlyabber, I think that's how everyone's daydream starts out as. We all fantasize about something extremely common and then it goes off on a massive tangent until it is something completely new and beautiful. 

Comment by The1andonlyAbber on April 24, 2015 at 9:23am
It's difficult for me to pinpoint exactly how or when my MD started.

My current daydream started 2 years ago. It was originally going to be a somewhat realistic story about a girl and her younger siblings, but then it evolved into a science fiction story about my main character being put in charge of an empire in another galaxy.
Comment by Fitri Kamelia on April 18, 2015 at 6:56pm

For now, yes I haven't had the same dream. and I almost threw up some childhood DD and drawings since I find that useless. But after knew that my childhood also affect my recent DD, I decided to keep them up. Because if I lose my history of my DD, then I will lose my motivation to make it useful.

Comment by Richard Quest on April 18, 2015 at 9:43am
I like how your daydreaming started, Fitri! So you haven't had the same dream since forever? I find that interesting!
Comment by Fitri Kamelia on April 16, 2015 at 7:18pm

my dd started in 5 yo about a snowman who had wonderful adventure. He helped everyone in his city until his sudden death (struck by lightning) when he take a break. Later at 7 yo I made 2 character named Sani and Yatsu. I could made them as brother-sister, but I also make them as lovers. Their story same like Snowman (adventure to help/kill others), although I made more universe like Fire World, Candy World etc.

Behind Sani was a random ghost. I remember her ability to control ghost, while Yatsu has ability to summon light, either lightning or just a light. I draw this in Microsoft Paint at 7yo.

Too bad I look them suicide when I reach 7th grade, which few years later I knew because my trauma of best friends betrayal. From that, I absent from dd for next 2 years. And I start to dd again when I learned Russian, make new characters that befriend each other include me with peace. Sure there are some conflict with them, but it solved in that day, not become a big conflict and betrayal comes. most of my DD are my dream that almost (and already) shattered when I was little.

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