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ADHD testing: the answer to everything?

I have been going through ADHD testing.

I have my final appointment on Thursday to discuss the results.  The psychiatrist said that while she couldn't officially say anything yet, my patterns are very conducive to ADHD symptoms.

I had also told her about maladaptive dreaming.  She had never heard of it before, but said she'd look into it.

I'm so hopeful that this will help.  Maybe some people can make it work but I just can't.  Maladaptive dreaming has ruined my life. I can't shut it off when I need to.  I literally sit there clutching my head at my desk at work, willing the images to stop, and they just don't.  Not on command, anyway.  Eventually they might for a while but it's not something I can control.

Maybe I can be put onto stronger medication that will just shut down my thoughts and allow me to focus on life and be a normal human being. Maybe I can balance my full time job with school now.  Maybe I'll not longer feel depressed and anxious about my inability to function. 

Please please please...

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