I have many different dream-worlds in my head that I play with. I mainly focus on two, so today I'll start with my first and most realized "alternate reality". This is of course, a short version because I daydream in this "world" very often.


My alternate self, Amara Bouchard, was born on July 14, 1777 in Maine. Her mother, Angelique, was a servant and witch until the love of her life broke her heart, prompting her to take revenge on him and lock him away for centuries. She then made a name for herself in the small fishing village called Collinsport, and created a business that took all money away from the company that her rival had started. That of course, took centuries. When Amara was born, they were quite poor. 

Amara grew up in a small house with extremely limited contact to the outside world. She was happy, and allowed to play outside, but since her mother had given birth to her out of wedlock she never wanted it to be known that she had a daughter. The only time Amara really did go out was to large cities where no one would recognize the small girl. 

Selflessly, Angelique spent every penny she did not need to fund Amara's education. That was something Angelique never had. She bought her books and instruments, trying to give her the skills necessary to live on her own without any man to guide her. 

By the time she turned sixteen, Angelique allowed her to go off into the world and live on her own. So Amara took the few books and instruments she owned and sailed off to Paris alone, at the height of the French Revolution. 


This is a very short backstory of her childhood, but Amara is over 200 years old so there are lots of stories with her. Comment if you are at all interested. I know I will be writing a backstory for another character I have named Damien in the future. Also, I have done some drawings for my characters in the past. Should I post them? Tell me ;)

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Comment by GME on July 13, 2016 at 7:32am

Wow, your daydream story sounds so interesting! Amara is such a complex character. I love how daydreaming worlds can be so elaborate. I hope you continue to post more.

Comment by MatthewR on July 9, 2016 at 12:19am

I like historical fiction. You really have to do lots of research for it, but it's fun. I hope you do post one of your drawings. Many members here are either writers or artists, so you'll fit right in. 

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