Second installment of the backstory of my alternate self, Amara Bouchard:

After arriving in Paris, France, in 1793, Amara met a 30 year old nobleman named Jacques. He was still unmarried and found her very charming and beautiful. After conversing with her at a coffee shop in downtown Paris, he invited to his home to see his library, as she was very fond of reading. Amara lied to him and told him that she was waiting until her family arrived in the city and just needed to stay for a while in an inn.

Jacques insisted that the prices at local inns were too high, and allowed her to stay in his apartment. She eventually accepted. Jacques had intended to seduce her and sleep with her, but after a week or so Jacques realized that she was not interested and eventually gave up his hopes. 

Amara then ventured into the city and would play songs on violin or piano for various noblemen and women that Jacques knew. She tried many times to find a position playing and eventually found a job at the house of a duke and duchess. They were very rich and the measly sum that Amara wanted was petty cash to them, so she was hired. 

She would leave Jacques' apartment at dawn every morning and walk to the duke and duchesses' house to play music for them as they had breakfast. She would play piano all throughout the morning for the duchesses as she entertained her friends and gossiped for hours. Then she would play at lunch, rest in the afternoon, and play violin during dinner. 

However, this life of living amongst the nobles could only go on so far, for soon the revolution would bring everything to a chaos of mass destruction. 

That's all for now, but there is much more to Amara's life in Paris. Soon we can meet Napoleon Bonaparte XD 

Please comment your thoughts... 

BTW, I'll be posting pictures of Amara and her mother soon.

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Comment by Valkyrie on July 21, 2016 at 12:12pm

Wow that is a really cool DD, I love the plot. Can not wait for the picture! :)

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