For all my daydreamers, I beg you, do something creative.

For all my daydreamers, I beg you, do something creative.

By doing I mean dedicate your life, or half while you make a living in some job, to make something with your hands or body. You spend so much time in your mind, in a land filled with adventure and conflict, all the emotions you feel trapped in a character that is you-enough to feel. This, right there, is perfect warm fertile ground for art to be born.

What is art but the caption of human emotions and beauty. The beauty is subjective, but the emotions are something we all feel, we all crave to feel. And that is what we have in abundance.

In a way, we were the 'lucky kids' that in the lottery of coping mechanisms we got the realm of daydreams, where life is boring in comparison. That’s why we never want to leave. Imagen if you can make someone experience that through your art.

By art I mean anything creative. Yes, it could be writing, painting, sculpting, dancing, making music, anything that will bring your daydream’s essence into the reality we struggle so much to stay in. This way bringing the dream to reality. We are daydreamers for a reason, deep down within us there is a well of creative power we only need the skills to bring to life.

And skills? Yes, that might take a lifetime to build, but isn’t that, finally, a life worth living?



I’ve been reading without engaging with this beautiful community. This is a place I see myself reflected in many of you, so I made an account to write this post.

 I’ll also add that I am pledging to pursue my passion of writing. It’s been years that I had this dream but for so long I chose to daydream my stories instead of writing them down. The emotions of fear and frustration, that are an interchangeable in any work we want to do and improve, triggered my escapism to a world where its so easy to create and recreate. But ultimately, it’s not fulfilling or eternal like a book or a song or dance someone enjoyed watching. Maybe, no one has to watch it, I feel it’s enough that I started and finished. So please, if you too have a dream of being a creative person, which I highly suspect you do, try, and try and try again.

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Comment by Rose Only on December 23, 2020 at 12:47am

Roslyn- Oh my gosh I love your comment! Very well said, thank you <3

Comment by Roslyn on December 22, 2020 at 6:54pm

Love this so very much.

In the interview posted on the home they talk about how immersively daydreaming isn't automatically negative, it is when it becomes an addiction or an unhealthy coping mechanism. Then it can be harmful to life, and that overuse needs to be dealt with properly. 

Maybe not every person can put their immersive daydreaming to a good artsy use, but as someone who has loved to create stories her whole life, this post made me smile a lot. It is one of my goals to become an author, and I am slowly but surely working toward it. If we can find outlets for our daydreams, like art, that also bring joy to others then maybe thats the real purpose of our daydreaming. 

If you do want to do something creative with your daydreams, don't give up because you feel unqualified. Everyone is unqualified at the beginning, learning is lifelong. You can learn at any time :) Hope writers is the only resource for aspiring writers I can think of at the moment (Kayla). 

Comment by Rose Only on December 19, 2020 at 9:47pm

Kayla - You and me both! haha I'm trying to read and educate myself on writing when I can, but I think ultimately, like any skill, it's to practice practice practice :) good luck on your journey <3

Comment by Gabby on December 19, 2020 at 10:45am
Although MD can destroy lives like Andy said, it really depends on the individual and the nature of their MD. If you can become completely engrossed in your dreamworld then, just maybe, you can use that ability to immerse yourself to your advantage. And thought we do have things in common with drug addicts, it's through no fault of our own. Many of us have had MD from a young age and don't remember our minds without it. It has a negative impact on my life, but it's the only way I've been able to cope with some of the other negative things I've got going on. Anyway, if you can use your MD in some way, even if it's just to become more empathetic to others, then what is currently an incurable disease that takes so much from us might just give us a little something back.
Comment by Kayla L on December 18, 2020 at 4:31am

Hello! I was thinking of writing my daydreams down too, but my writing skills are not that good. It's as if I can't translate the magic of what I see and feel in my daydreams into writing, because it always ends up duller in comparison. Do you have any tips where I could get started? Thanks! :D

Comment by Rose Only on December 14, 2020 at 11:34pm
Hi Andy, thanks for your feedback. 
In no section of this post I mentioned a cure. But an optimistic possibility for us battling this condition. I would even say it's a 'poetic' possibility - as creativity in our daydreams comes almost natural, as the refinement of the dream to feel perfect. This has the potential of being a creative project and could be very fulfilling.  It won't be easy or cure anything. That's not the point. In away it's not fighting anymore but making the best out of it.
Comment by Andy Mebbins on December 14, 2020 at 8:31am

Being "creative" won't get rid of MD -- it will only enhance it. I don't know about you, but I think MD is FAR from being a boon. It prohibits us from functioning normally in daily lives, be it in school, work, relationships, et al. and it quite simply just destroys lives. If you think about it, us MDers are not much different from drug addicts.

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