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Instantly stop the urge to daydream

I've found this incredible tactic and I'm so excited to share it with all of you!!! I hope it works for you as it works so well for me. I've found it in the past week and every time I feel the urge to get up, put my headphones on, and daydream, or dissociate into a mental video or conversation with myself. Of course,…


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full blown daydream bing

I had my MD under a somewhat control for the past year, and even had a few productive months. And then, out of the blue, I had this big all time-consuming daydreaming binge I didn’t experience since high school.

It’s been going for the past two weeks. I found myself daydreaming from the moment I wake up, get back from work, and until the night demands me to sleep.

I neglected my family, my husband, my health, and work. I skipped a few days at work because I couldn’t let my…


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For all my daydreamers, I beg you, do something creative.

For all my daydreamers, I beg you, do something creative.

By doing I mean dedicate your life, or half while you make a living in some job, to make something with your hands or body. You spend so much time in your mind, in a land filled with adventure and conflict, all the emotions you feel trapped in a character that is you-enough to feel. This, right there, is perfect warm fertile ground for art to be born.

What is art but the caption of human emotions and beauty. The beauty…


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