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Peace On Earth-Wish You All A Happy New Year-2014

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A dream is something that worth than a life .visit my profile and click support button

   I was always away from making money than making a life of worth.But DD ing made me to reach that position very slow.i'm a self taught  visual artist,thinking that it is part of is a beautiful dream,it changes every new moments.Time helps us being creative.I love life and being creative is  my passion,in fact  it is my spirituality.Art galleries rejected me not because of less creative but i'm less aggressive to make a series of work at a time.but i know as a creative…


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Please support my creative passion by sharing my work

Please support my creative passion by sharing my work! Click "Support" to share with your friends on WM Network& Facebook. Thank You!

please read this the msg from

See | Me

Dear Varghese,

Thank you for participating in the launch competition for See.Me, our fast-growing community of creatives like you. 

The current competition is now closed to new participants, but don't…


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dear Friends Vote For Me....

Being Creative is make me fantastically  wonderful again.

i love to be there always!!!

i have  request to you all!!!

visit me and vote for me.

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Romance in the age of uncertainty.

I thought I can leave here (Dubai)without any grief .But it is life with all of its unpredictability,I like that at certain level at least its aesthetics of  possibilities.we should be angry when someone trying to ruin our dream.Accidents are not accidents it is a chain of actions explode at  a particular moment.

we trust others as our brain trained(by evolution?) to be believed some prototypes.I always thought we must resolve  the ambiguity in life to find a workable solution,and i…


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Silence is the border

Silence is the border

From where I astonish why it isn’t a routine

I stepped out from the escalation of violent inside

Freeing mind from atrocities and…


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