Please support my creative passion by sharing my work

Please support my creative passion by sharing my work! Click "Support" to share with your friends on WM Network& Facebook. Thank You!

please read this the msg from

See | Me

Dear Varghese,

Thank you for participating in the launch competition for See.Me, our fast-growing community of creatives like you. 

The current competition is now closed to new participants, but don't worry - because you joined before last night's deadline, you're in the clear. In fact, we’re pleased to inform you that you have three more weeks to further increase your chances of having your own billboard display in Times Square this summer!

You currently have: 1 Supporter and 2 Likes
To be one of the top contenders for the Times Square award, you need at least: 20 Supporters and 20 Likes

Remember: you have until February 21, 2013 11:59pm ET to gain supporters and likes.

Take advantage of this time and encourage your friends and family members to use the 'Support' button on your profile to help you become a billboard star! Don't forget to share your profile on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks you belong to - every little bit counts.!!!

so support me pls

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