A dream is something that worth than a life .visit my profile http://varky.see.me/ and click support button

   I was always away from making money than making a life of worth.But DD ing made me to reach that position very slow.i'm a self taught  visual artist,thinking that it is part of life.life is a beautiful dream,it changes every new moments.Time helps us being creative.I love life and being creative is  my passion,in fact  it is my spirituality.Art galleries rejected me not because of less creative but i'm less aggressive to make a series of work at a time.but i know as a creative person it should be minimal making a series if you have more to tell.

but there is an agency who can help me if you people support me to get there.

so kindly visit my profile http://varky.see.me/ and  click support button, and it will change my life.

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