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Today, but tomorrow


Today was bad. And when I say bad, I mean bad. After a hard day at work and sitting at home and doing nothing but watch tv, I decided to go outside to run. I am trying to live a healthier life. Nothing wrong with that, but the problem was that I brought along with me my music. I tried to convince myself that it would not be a problem, but it ended up being a major problem. I fantasized about bang a track star; turning heads. Then I fantasized about me dancing with a guy I…


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Ok, so I got huge spikes in my DD today while @ work. Mind you, I have a college degree and I am working as a cashier/food preparer. So that really gives me room for creativity (ideas for DD!). I'm grateful to God for my job, but God knows that I want a real job. So while I was working and doing the normal routine, (sweeping the floor, cleaning equipment, ect.) I imagined that I was making lots of…


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Getting better

Well, I still have to say that I need work. My daydreaming is an ongoing thing that I have to use a lot of strength to fight. It’s hard for me because at the moment, I just go to work and go back home. I really don’t have that much going on right now, so I’m am desperately looking for something to interest me in the real world. It affects me when I am at work. I can still function, but I really appreciate NOT having this…


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