Hey, well I don't know if anybody else has done this, but I have made up this so called dream guy. Okay, you can call it an imaginary boyfriend. I've never had a real boyfriend before, so I guess this promted me to make one up. We meet in college and he's super popular, but I am the girl that gets him. I cook for him and cuddle with him. He is so cute in my eyes. He's sweet and caring and fun. His hair is always in check. He's super nice and tender and he cares about others. Oh yeah, and he's real good in bed. I pray and pray and pray asking God to help me stop thinking about him, and I actually am starting to see some improvements. This morning, we had to part. I sent him back to the land of "Make Believe." I am really trying to stop this. But you know what? it was like last week when I was working as a cashier when saw him! This man that went through my line actually looked JUST like him! I couldn't even look at him in his eyes when I greeted him because I knew that I would lose my concentration.  At the end of his payment transaction, our eyes finally met. I wonder if he knew that I was admiring him?

     Then, the next person came through the line, and I took a deep breath because I had gotten so worked up because of this. He came back to where I was standing. Oh my gosh! Did I miss something? Did I make a mistake? Oh, then I realize, he came to retrieve his ball that he forgot on the counter. Oh, I was so much in a daze that I actually forgot his item! OH! BUT. I still can't believe that I saw someone look exactly like the guy that I had wanted to be with or who I am "with". This is amzing in so many ways. I wonder if it was God's way of telling me,"Teagan, I know who you think about in your room, or at work, or in the  car, or while you listen to music. I know!" Was it a way of exposing me? Or maybe God just has a sense of humor himself and wanted to share with me? Haha. I don't know, but that was odd that day. I'm still, however, dealing with trying to get rid of my Dream Guy!  

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Comment by Teagan Heart on November 6, 2011 at 4:57pm
Cool! I do the same thing when I read books. Even though it's telling me that a certain character looks a certain way, sometimes I make them look a certain way!
Comment by roxanne on November 5, 2011 at 6:48pm
I would just enjoy it and add tweaks to the DD guy. After all, you control it.  (This advice coming from someone who totally freaks out when my celeb. crush gets a new girl friend).
Comment by Teagan Heart on November 4, 2011 at 4:17pm
Well, according to my daydream, he had the same mannerism. I saw him with a little boy who I assumed was his son. BUMMER! that kinda sucks, but that didn't totally turn me off. So I slighly glanced at his hand to see if he was married, and to my surprise his ring finger was bare, so I didn't feel guilty at all for admiring him! Gosh, that made my day!
Comment by Laila on November 4, 2011 at 2:10pm
Woah... o_o I always wondered about what I'd do in that kind of situation. I bet it would feel like meeting a celebrity. I'd probably want to take his picture, but how do you ask a stranger? You can't exactly say "You look like my imaginary character, so you're rare to come by." LOL But anyway...  That's creepy and awesome at the same time. Besides looking like him, did he also have the same mannerisms and such? Who knows, maybe he'll pop up again... o_o

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