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Sorry I'm Late!

Just wanted to say that I hope everybody had a very merry Christmas & that you will have a rockin New Year's!  You guys are awesome!  Keep up the motivation!  You deserve it!  Glad to be involved in a website like this!  :D  

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Tumblr Trend?

Anybody notice the pretty decent-sized MDD community on Tumblr? Well, they claim to have MDD but all they really say is that they daydream kinda often.  Don't tell me I'm the only one who sees the enormous amounts of false claims on Tumblr, maybe it's all in my head.  :P

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1st Time Venting-Lashing Loss of Control:

Alright, I began talking to a fellow ENFP about MDD & he replies, "Ah, I'm pretty sure I have that, my kid does to & I'm proud my son has it to.  Love it & it serves me well.  My friend suggested taking a vitamin B12 to turn it off whenever & I can just have vivid dreams in my sleep.".... Then I just blew.  I guess I needed to vent, I've never vented about it before.  I feel bad now, I just typed in 90 mph anguish, I wasn't even sure what I was…


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People Aware Of My Issue:

Even though MDD has always affected me negatively, to where I can barely function.  NOBODY knows what I've been going through or what I have.  I have told my best friend & my fiance a couple little things about me(the MDD side of me), but I've never implied anything or went further.  I've never told a soul about any of my MDD cause of fear.  When I was little, I used to think I was either straight jacket-crazy, or that I was mentally challenged.... sad. 

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Why I'm Here:

. . . . I can't believe it, I finally found what I have.  I've been researching off & on for years to find out if there was a name for what I have, if there was anybody else like me or if I was just crazy.  I finally discovered it on the internet yesterday.  I literally began crying out of relief cause every single symptom they listed couldn't fit me more perfectly.  It was just like how my mother broke down crying out of relief because they finally made people aware of OCD/shed some…


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Hello, Here R Some Details About Me:

I'm friendly, brutally honest, loud, really hyper, I hav vry strict morals yet I'm crazy/eccentric, I'm devoted, aggressive, adventurous, self-sacrificing, I'm horribly clumsy, I'm esoteric, stubborn, aesthetic, & I believe in standing up 4 what's morally & ethically right. I'm ENFP borderline ISFP.   :-)

I graduated from R.G. Drage May 21st 2009. I'm beyond happy 2 B engaged. I've been w/ my fiance for 6 1/2 years, we're getting married in a few weeks. I am gonna B a…


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