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the real me vs. the fantasy me

As with many other MDers my fantasy self and my real self tend to be extremely different people. Let's start with me in the real world:

In the real world I get no respect at all and I'm very quiet and reserved unless I'm with people I like. But true friends are hard to come by because most people I meet treat me like I'm a lower life form who doesn't deserve their attention. Many times they will even pretend they can't hear me speaking and go to talk to people who are more worth their…


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My biggest fear

My biggest fear? Well it's not spiders, clowns, or those types of things. Rather my biggest fear is losing my MD. my daydreams have been there for me throughout my entire life, and often when I feel like I don't have a friend in the world, my fantasy world is there to convince me that maybe I matter even if I only matter to fantasy characters.

Recently I've been daydreaming less and that's beginning to scare me a lot. I don't know how to live my life without daydreams and I don't WANT to… Continue

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My current daydream

Decided to make a blog post for the hell of it :3


First off, I tend to sometimes take names from real tv shows because I can't think up anything myself. The daydream takes place in the fictional town of Torchwood, Arizona where I work for a large technology company that develops quite mysterious technologies. Also on the outskirts of the town is an Air Force base that (like Area 51 I guess) collects alien technology and tries to use them to develop new weapons. The entire…


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a bit from a short story I'm working on

this isn't actually from a daydream, it's from a nightmare that I woke up sweating from in the middle of the night. it's about a supernatural disease that drives it's host homicidal.

it can be found on my blog at



thank yew :D

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