As with many other MDers my fantasy self and my real self tend to be extremely different people. Let's start with me in the real world:

In the real world I get no respect at all and I'm very quiet and reserved unless I'm with people I like. But true friends are hard to come by because most people I meet treat me like I'm a lower life form who doesn't deserve their attention. Many times they will even pretend they can't hear me speaking and go to talk to people who are more worth their time I guess. I'm also no good at anything, I have almost no natural talent except for the talent to automatically suck at anything I try xD


fantasy world:

I'm extremely confident in my abilities, while I'm not talented at everything I try I am at least competent. People need me and crave my presence, whether it be to help accomplish some task or just hang out. I have everything that I don't in the real world, good looks, ability, excitement, happiness, etc. I guess you would say I'm actually worth something in my daydreams as opposed to the *shudders* real world. I guess the key word here would be hope, I actually can hope for something better in my daydreams, whether it be some new adventure, or some other new experience.


I do believe I've tried to compare these two things before, but this is it in way more detail.

Peace out

- Drake

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Comment by roxanne on October 21, 2011 at 7:13pm
I also thought I was very different from my DD self, until I looked into it further.  I've said this before, but I think it's important to find where the two juxtapose.  For instance, we are all smart on this site, and I hope our DD personas are as well.  I am compassionate.  I care about animals & the poor.  I love poetry (& in fact often write in my DD's).  I love to cook (& do so for others in DD's.)  I am often a therapist in DD's (& in real life.)  I am religious & love to read & study spiritual things.  I am monogamous, loyal, honest.  All this is true of both personas.   It is the more superficial areas where I differ.  All this to say if you look at your interests, values, moral codes, priorities, you might find you are much more like your DD persona than you think.  Try & see what you come up with.  Forget your appearance & how charming & socially scintillating you are.  By the way, every one I have met is a good conversationalist, so the potential is there.  Those of you who feel socially awkward need to learn some skills, if you would like.

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