Decided to make a blog post for the hell of it :3


First off, I tend to sometimes take names from real tv shows because I can't think up anything myself. The daydream takes place in the fictional town of Torchwood, Arizona where I work for a large technology company that develops quite mysterious technologies. Also on the outskirts of the town is an Air Force base that (like Area 51 I guess) collects alien technology and tries to use them to develop new weapons. The entire daydream is about my adventures in such a strange town. I also tend to skip forward in time in my daydreams, and further in the daydream's future the town of Torchwood is destroyed by the Army (I haven't found out why yet) and I have to run from the government because I have information about the Torchwood Air Force Base's activities.


Well, there it is :3

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Comment by Petunia on July 6, 2011 at 9:21am
Sounds like it could be a sci-fi or horror movie, I like it.

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