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Car Accident and MD

Oh the irony... After spending years daydreaming about my characters suffering from car accidents, I am actually experiencing one of those horror stories for real. To cut the long story short, I was struck by a car while standing in the shoulder lane. The impact threw me over a cement wall/barrier. My injuries include two broken legs, broken right arm, knee ligament tears, and nerve damage in right arm.  I actually have a total of seven fractures, but I can't remember all of those crazy…


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Random Inspirations

So I was sitting at the bus stop when something as innocent as a bus advertisement turned the tide of my daydreams. The ad was for Carolina Performing Arts. What particularly caught my interest was the picture of a violinist, who looks startlingly similar to my main daydream character. It was like someone had literally grabbed him out of my head and put him on the side of a bus (with a…


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First dream with my character

It's about time I had one, though it kept switching between me and him (Dan), as if we were the same person. Plus, he had my voice. o_O Basically, Dan was a college art teacher. All of his students loved him. Suddenly, one of his students, who looked like Edward James Olmos, created a masterpiece painting that he fell in love with. For the majority of the dream, he tried to sneak inside his own studio to steal his student's…


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Creating a fiction story about MD

I've been in the mood to write lately---spent the last 2-3 weeks working on an original story that is not from my daydreams. It's only one chapter, 7 pages long, and I still don't like it enough to share. Then today I thought, maybe I should try writing a story where I'm the main character. The words should easily flow and sound more natural to me. But what could it possibly be about that's interesting? Hm...perhaps visiting daydream worlds?

I imagined it to go something like…


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Mom's reaction to Cynthia's study

Yesterday, I printed out Cynthia's study, stapled the packet, and presented it to my mom. She didn't come to talk to me about it until 5am when she noticed that I was still awake in my room. The first thing she asked me was what I thought about it. I told her the truth...that the article spoke very true to me. I had highlighted all the sections that revealed my symptoms (pretty much everything except for pacing).


To my surprise and happiness, my mom responded very…


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Researching your Daydreams

According to Cynthia's new study, only 8% of participants reported researching aspects of their daydreams. I was honestly quite surprised...maybe because I always research mine. Science articles, community forums, dictionaries, documentaries, name it. I want my DDs to be somewhat accurate if I'm going to use mental and physical illnesses, real places and events, and professional occupations for my characters. I'm always wondering, "Can this really happen?" and look it…


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Intense Daydreaming

Today was scary. It was one of those rare but intense daydreaming days for me. I spent 15 hours lying in bed, sleeping and daydreaming. The only thing I ate was a small sandwich at 5pm. I didn't even want to eat. I looked as if I had all the symptoms of depression, except that I was having an extremely delightful time in my head. I’m glad I’m not like this all the time, but it truly scares me afterwards. Am I the only one who has daydreamed to this extreme?


The entire…


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~Dreamy Music~

Melodic, peaceful, airy, uplifting, ambient, and slow... The perfect music to relax and daydream to. What are some of your favorites? I listed a bunch of mine here. Might take a moment to load. xD




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Crazy Things You Do For Your Daydreams

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about my imaginary couple confessing their love for the first time (and for what is actually the millionth time). Yesterday, I suddenly felt compelled to find well-written love letters online, address them to my characters, and print them out in handwriting font. Then I sealed them in envelopes and made up their addresses. I pretend that my characters actually wrote these letters to each other, and I feel stupidly excited. Am I getting weirder or what? And what a…


Added by Laila on June 8, 2011 at 4:00pm — 10 Comments

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