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Watch cartoons when you feel down

I'm staying in front of my pc right now and I'm enjoying old cartoons.

Being a 90s kid, I only watch real cartoons, if you know what I mean. Actually I think that this whole " brain refresh " thing wouldn't work with today's cartoons ( you have to be handicapped to like them, but that's another story ). 

Cartoons will take you back to your childhood, but it's actually more than that: they will transport you to a universe in which everything can be simple, the world has…


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" Sims 2 Vs. Life " or What have I learned from playing Sims 2

  1. Time goes by very fast.


My virtual Sim named Tony was an adult when I started to play the game and now he will become old in just 5 virtual days. Well, he had a successful career, many lovers and a great son, so Tony lived his life quite well.


Anyway, this life is very short. I mean the real life. Every virtual reality is just a reflection of our real reality.


Take a few minutes and remember the times when you were a kid, playing…


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The Mind is an Amazing Tool

I want to share my graduation exam story to reveal a brilliant aspect of the brain. 

We got a month to prepare for the exam. Obviously everyone learned all year, but this extra month was considered to be the time when everyone " gets ready for the exam ". However, I was not one of those people. No one would believe how I spent this month and I know it. It is possible that even I wouldn't believe it if someone else would tell me this. 

While everyone else was…


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Get Ready to Die

Life is a structured chaos.

We live in a world which tends to believe that everything can be controlled. When you dig deep into the details though, you realize that there is hardly anything that you can control.

Yes, you can control the channels you want to watch at the TV or your room temperature, but when it comes to life, control starts to fade out.

The food and the water is poisoned, the sun causes cancer, the air is polluted, the car drivers are…


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Just another american movie

Tuesday. Gloomy day. Headache. Bad sleep. Bad start.

As the day goes by, I keep wondering about my future college. Philosophy. Does it sound good ? Probably not, if you're one of the 99% of people, just like my mom. " No future, no money, no hope. " – That's what she said.

Maybe she's right. The times of philosophy are far away now. Philosophy is practically dead. Dead and burried.

But how can you forget the love of your life, even if no one else remembers it ? God knows I…


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