Tuesday. Gloomy day. Headache. Bad sleep. Bad start.

As the day goes by, I keep wondering about my future college. Philosophy. Does it sound good ? Probably not, if you're one of the 99% of people, just like my mom. " No future, no money, no hope. " – That's what she said.
Maybe she's right. The times of philosophy are far away now. Philosophy is practically dead. Dead and burried.
But how can you forget the love of your life, even if no one else remembers it ? God knows I tried to forget it.

I gave up all my passions: snacking, drinking, smoking,…but I just can't give up philosophy. That is my true and only passion. The reason for why I find this life worth living. I'd rather be happy & chase money, than have money & chase happiness.

I grew up in a wealthy family, but I won't live on my parents' money. Ironically though, I'm not afraid of poverty. I'm not afraid of misery. I'm not afraid of ending up with no money if I can do what I love as long as I breath. I'm only afraid of lying in my bed at the end of my life & say " It was not worth it " – I know I would say that if I'd choose a career because of others.

However, I wouldn't mind dying because of hunger as poor philosopher, saying in the end: " It was worth it. Maybe I'll have more luck in another life. " 

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Comment by Insomnyac on July 24, 2013 at 11:57am

Thank You MatthewR for your comment. Biological philosophy is something I hardly ever thought of. Thanks for this insight. I'm glad that there are persons who still value philosophy. 

I wish You all the best ! 

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