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F liked oneira's blog post Parasocial relationships and hyperfixations vs. MD
Jan 15, 2022
Caspian liked oneira's blog post Parasocial relationships and hyperfixations vs. MD
Dec 27, 2021
oneira replied to Nick's discussion There is no hope left for me now.
"Try to look at it this way. You only knew life with MD. It's been almost 10 years, it's become pretty much natural. And yet you had a realisation and came to this forum. And you had one at 21, not, let's say, 96. And thus began your…"
Sep 21, 2021
oneira commented on Melanie's blog post Love fixation
"My romance fantasies ONLY involve people I don't know or are unavailable, because the second something actually might happen, I run away. It's a control thing, I'm struggling with opening up to someone. I'm also somewhere on the…"
Sep 20, 2021
oneira commented on Jacob's blog post Does Maladaptive Daydreaming effect memory
"I do have a big problem with remembering conversations or a plot of a movie I've seen recently - but that's because I usually start daydreaming in the middle of something and my focus is split. I find it really hard to concentrate on…"
Sep 20, 2021
oneira replied to Mary's discussion Urgent. I'm panicking here.
"I've never experienced something like that but I have been immersed in a book or a movie and some tragic scenes had haunted me for weeks. Time is the best medicine, try to wait it out and focus on calming yourself, panic will only make things…"
Sep 20, 2021
Tanja kovač liked oneira's blog post Parasocial relationships and hyperfixations vs. MD
Sep 11, 2021
oneira replied to Cain's discussion Are you able to share the contents of your daydreams?
"When I tried to tell my therapist about MD, I only shared the general ideas of my daydreams, keeping it as vague as possible. I was too embarrassed to go into details. She wasn't taking it seriously anyway, so she didn't push me. That…"
Sep 1, 2021
oneira commented on oneira's blog post Parasocial relationships and hyperfixations vs. MD
"Thank you, Leucò, for these questions, they're really helpful. I'm trying to at least limit my daydreaming and realising some things is the first step to do that. I wish you all the best in the battle of your own."
Aug 29, 2021
Leucò commented on oneira's blog post Parasocial relationships and hyperfixations vs. MD
"I've never experienced hyperfixation on 'online people', but I have been obsessed with some individual in my real-life for years. I think you have already got the point. You said you don't want to stop since they inspire you and…"
Aug 28, 2021
Xyz liked oneira's blog post Parasocial relationships and hyperfixations vs. MD
Aug 28, 2021
oneira replied to sanawana's discussion Daydreaming is like breathing, ubiquitous.
"I feel like if your life was truly satisfying to you, you wouldn't daydream this often and you wouldn't slip into daydreams this easily. There is always a reason - try to think about it. Maybe you crave adventure, maybe you wish you were…"
Aug 24, 2021
oneira commented on Katie's blog post Introduction
"Hello, Kat! Putting some sentences in bold is actually really helpful, it is easier to discern the most important pieces in the text! I might use that in the future. I wish you all the best in your studies, we need psychologists aware of MD."
Aug 24, 2021
oneira commented on InaBox's blog post 5 month update!
"Kudos on your courage to face the issue and your patience when it comes to medication and waiting for the actual results of therapy - you really achieved a lot! Best of wishes to you <3"
Aug 24, 2021
oneira commented on Jack's blog post getting back to MD, or the other side of the daydreaming coin
"I often feel that too much MDing tires my brain and I find myself in a desperate need for a break and something that would regenerate my mind. I've also noticed that spending more and more time in my daydreams, instead of studying, reading,…"
Aug 24, 2021
oneira commented on Gaël 71's blog post Do you sometimes feel guilty ?
"I sometimes feel guilty towards my friends - because they are simply not enough. They are great people and I know I can count on them but I don't feel like I can be fully myself around them - that's why I prefer my imaginary lot, perfectly…"
Aug 24, 2021

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Parasocial relationships and hyperfixations vs. MD

Posted on August 21, 2021 at 3:00pm 2 Comments

When I first came across the phrase ‘maladaptive daydreaming’ my emotions went into the most conflicted state they’d ever been. I was relieved, yes, that I finally found a name for something that’s been bugging me since I was a teenager, but I was also terrified. Going through the list of symptoms triggered something in my brain and I forced myself to look at my daydreams from the third person’s perspective. I’ve written down my leading roles, the main plotlines, the side characters - and I…


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