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How to Keep From Excessively Daydreaming

Started by I will manage this

0 Mar 22, 2021

Yoga and Reading

Hi,  I found out that Im a wild mind like you just yesterday and I am so happy about it!! What helps me to not start my imagination machine…

Started by Khadim N'diaye

0 Jan 5, 2021


I've found a meditation technique that i think it could be very useful for being more focused and daydreaming less.  Mindfullness is an anc…

Started by Geingart

8 Dec 26, 2017
Reply by Dreamer

Egg Timer

I know it doesn't sounds very serious but it actually helped me quite a lot. When I wanted to daydream (and that involves pacing in circles…

Started by Reverie

0 Oct 13, 2016

Help with MD through observation

Hello, greetings from Texas. I have been suffering from MD for quite a while now. It first started when I was in high school and suffered f…

Started by Alan Puntegard

0 Apr 28, 2015

NLP effective for daydreming?

Hello! I just want to share a strategy for controlling daydreams that I've adapted from a NLP phobia cure. It is also used for the treatmen…

Started by Remus

1 Mar 3, 2015
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Meditation helps, really a lot: Just set aside 5 minutes per day when you are not feeling sleepy. Find a quite place to sit. Close your eye…

Started by Shivam Srivastava

1 Mar 3, 2015
Reply by Dreamer


I've noticed that singing stops me from daydreaming. I don't know what makes it effective, but it might be the same thing that makes talkin…

Started by Lily Morrison

2 Feb 26, 2015
Reply by Thahira

How To Concentrate on Studying/Working

This is what helps me concentrate at school. I thought I should share it here. Set aside a certain time each day to daydream (it helps if…

Started by The1andonlyAbber

2 Apr 4, 2014
Reply by The1andonlyAbber


Hey guys, I found a site that suggested hypnosis as a cure for chronic day-dreaming. I didn't download the mp3 because I wasn't sure if it…

Started by Sierra Dempsey

1 Mar 14, 2014
Reply by Dreamer


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