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Does Anyone Daydream about Negative Scenarios?

Does anyone dream about negative scenarios? Ones about escaping captivity, getting into fights, being victimized,  or dramatic/chaotic situ…

Started by Romeofro

32 Mar 31
Reply by Alexa H Allbright

Violence with Excessive Power in Daydreams

       Before I begin, I would like to point out that I do have Asberger’s Syndrome, so if I say anything I shouldn’t, please let me know a…

Started by eternity.824

0 Jul 13, 2018

Really Bad Daydreams

So when I daydream nothing bad ever happens to me. I am always the " bad guy" doing bad things to other people. Often it is random people I…

Started by Taylor

3 Feb 19, 2016
Reply by Paula

Ever daydream of a possible sequence of events of a video for a song?

I often have this daydream scenario where I play a song in my head, and imagine a suitable theme to it. Usually, I play Tool's No Quarter,…

Started by Sammy Nusair

5 Jan 11, 2015
Reply by Fitri Kamelia

Violent Daydreams

My daydreams are not very sad, but they're very violent. In my daydreams, I'm the queen of a large, futuristic empire in space. There have…

Started by The1andonlyAbber

0 Mar 30, 2014

Negative daydreams- an emotional drug?

Looking at why we daydream negative or tramtic events. I have noticed in lots of posts in the main forum that many of us seem to have littl…

Started by greyartist

14 Mar 30, 2014
Reply by The1andonlyAbber

My Obsession With Brain Injuries

I've literally only just learned about Maladaptive Daydreaming. I often daydream about dying, usually from a severe blow to the head, such…

Started by Cara

2 Mar 23, 2014
Reply by The1andonlyAbber

MDD in such a bady way ?!!

I am 20 years old and in my second year in university and I have been suffering from daydreaming since I was 6 or 7 years old but I didn't…

Started by mohamed bahaa eldin hussien

1 Sep 10, 2013
Reply by Cara

Negative Daydreaming

I did some research and figured out that I have maladaptive daydreaming. I daydream all the time. All my daydreams are negative and horrid.…

Started by Miriam

1 May 6, 2013
Reply by Kelley V

My negative daydream

I daydream sometimes that my father died in the 911 attacks and that my brother went off to war in Iraq and died.  I am the main character…

Started by Windy City Day Dreamer

1 Sep 21, 2012
Reply by taffle


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