I am 20 years old and in my second year in university and I have been suffering from daydreaming since I was 6 or 7 years old but I didn't realize that I am in a big problem until I get in the university.My problem is that Daydreaming become a very important part of my life and something I can not get rid of even if I want it is something affects me in a very big way i prevents me from focusing on something and every time I try to focus on something I start daydreaming and can't even think or study and when I stop daydreaming for example for one day and tell myself to stop I feel that I can't breath and I have a headache and I feel then that I shouldn't try again because there is no way to stop that MDD plz any one that can help me plz tell me how can I stop that thing ?

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I've gotten myself involved in a project that I find interesting and whilst I'm doing work on my project, I find that I daydream less because I'm keeping my mind active. The bad thing is that I have a tendency to think about the project when I'm supposed to be concentrating on something else. So I suggest you just keep yourself busy and mind ticking to prevent yourself from wondering into own world. Don't just try to stop suddenly, do it over time, you probably have to sort of re-train your brain to concentrate.

My daydreams are also getting in the way of my studying because I can't seem to last a few minutes until I find myself daydreaming again. It's quite bad because my friends will be talking to me and unless I find their story fascinating, I'll stop listening to what they're saying and start to daydream. I feel so guilty, but I can't help it. So I think I'm like you where it's not an addiction, it's more of a habit.


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