Wishing with all my heart that my daydream becomes reality

Is it possible?

I've had the same daydream for many, many years.  It occurs in real-time and the characters are all the same.  Its the life I wish I had.  Its the life I feel I could have had if I didn't get married and had moved to where I wanted to when I was younger.

I'm 50 now and wish I could start over, but obviously, can't. 

Does anyone ever wish so hard that their dreams come true that it becomes an emotional obsession? 

I know if I got up and left and went to where I want to, the chances are slim that I'd ever live the life I've dreamed of for.  But I want to do it anyway and its eating me up.

Am I alone with this type of torture?

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No you're not. I too could have turned tables if I just got up from this darn desk chair some months ago and went where I had to. But I didn't, and I lost everything that was really important to me. There's no helping it unless someone invents time travel, so the only thing you can do is try not to think about it, if you think it'll work.
You're busted, friend, and if I don't fix this while I still can, I'll be too.
I know this is a sadness bomb, but that's reality

Actually, you're not saying anything I don't already know.  But you used the right word..."sadness".  I feel like that's the theme of my life.

I really wish mine was real too. My daydream world is so awesome, I have a beautiful wife and a whole bunch of awesome kids, my dream job that is impossible for me to get (how do you get your own TV show where you investigate supernatural things anyway?), and a house that I would never be able to afford in real life.


One of my recurring daydreams is waking up to find that this life was a dream, and my daydream world was real.

Kay M...

Wouldn't that be the greatest??  Waking up to find out THIS is all a dream and the alternate me is reality.  I love that you said that.

(I take it you're a Ghost Hunter's fan?)

The version of myself in my daydreams is this ideal version of me that I really want to be reality. I have often been thinking of things that I could do to become more like the daydream version of myself but I know that I could never have the life I have day dreamed since it's way too far fetched. Sometimes I feel like i am competing with myself to become this ideal version of me. Like I am comparing my real life self to the daydream me. I feel like even if I woke up tomorrow as the daydream version of myself obviously I would love it but I would probably just find another person to compare myself to.
I have created an ideal self that would be deliberately impossible in this reality, who lives in a world that is the opposite of this one, to make sure that reality and dream world can't merge at all. Still, it would be the greatest thing ever if I woke up from a dream into that world and that world had become reality in the process. I mean, it's not something that happens every day, waking up and be a demigod with the power to teleport people and make mountains float in the air

Yes, I am! :) I love stuff like that. I actually do my own investigations, they just aren't on TV and I have to settle for dreams that I can reach. I wish I could do ghost hunting as a job though, it would be so cool.
Not 2 Crazy said:

Kay M...

Wouldn't that be the greatest??  Waking up to find out THIS is all a dream and the alternate me is reality.  I love that you said that.

(I take it you're a Ghost Hunter's fan?)

The thing is, regretting the past won't help at all, and a life of regrets is by far the worst thing I can imagine. I know I didn't say anything helpful, but I have no advice that could fit someone who's 50 (I'm not even 20, so it's impossible for me to even imagine life at that age). Maybe there's some detail of your life that you can control to improve the situation a bit?

Wow.  I wish that meditation could take me there.

Unfortunately, when I try to meditate, I cannot rid my mind of anything.  If I'm not daydreaming its thoughts about normal stuff.  Or sounds.  I can't seem to not concentrate.

I wish that my daydreams could become reality, too. I know they never will. They're WAY too unrealistic. (I don't mean me-being-a-movie-star unrealistic, I mean me-being-an-alien-and-ruling-a-space-empire unrealistic.) But one can always hope, right?
Come to think of it, my daydream life would be terrible if it was real. In my daydreams my character has to do some pretty insane things that would be terrifying if I really had to do them (my life and the lives of others would actually be in danger if I failed), not to mention I would lose my ability to control other people and events that happen in the universe. Maybe I enjoy my daydreams so much simply BECAUSE they're not real.

Getting to fly and having such awesome friends in real life would still be very cool, though.

Absolutely not. I love when I lucid dream and I step in the realm of my daydreams and everything is so perfect there. I think you can learn from what this world has to offer. Try to act like your character would, and slowly it can merge with reality. Be bold and do what your character did. Maybe give it new life in a form of a movie or book, so in a sense it will become real.


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