I’m certain I fit the criteria for maladaptive daydreaming. My question is, when should I get help. My daydreaming interferes with my focus such that I can’t read much (something I used to enjoy), but I’m doing well in school, and am okay socially. I’m sixteen, and I live with my parents, and I’ve joked about my daydreaming with them( I have very physical ticks when I daydream), which was my way of opening up discussions, but they didn’t really respond, and I’ve been afraid to bring it up again. My daydreams are somewhat disturbing, and I can’t explain the depth of my fantasy world because of that. I know I want to get help eventually, but is now the right time? Do psychiatrists/psychologists generally understand maladaptive daydreaming? If you’ve explained maladaptive daydreaming to family members has support outweighed discomfort? Did they treat you differently, or become uncomfortable around you? How did you approach it in a way that showed the seriousness and severity without appearing crazy? Thanks.

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I haven't reached out for help yet, but I'm considering doing so soon, and have similar concerns about reaching out. I've tried to hide my MD from my family, but they've occasionally noticed me randomly laughing or making faces, and would ask me what I was thinking about. I haven't really opened up to them about it, and part of me really wants to, but I'm also worried what they'll think about me and I'm not sure if they'll understand.

I'm strongly considering seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist soon, and while I don't expect them to understand my situation fully, I'm hoping that the act of letting another person know and really just talking out the situation will help. In order to explain MD, I think I might probably bring up a short video with Dr. Eli Somer explaining the condition, and talk about how the description matches my personal experiences. If they're really having a tough time understanding though, I might just shift the conversation towards concentration improving techniques.

As for when to reach out for help, honestly I think whenever it feels right is probably the right time. In my case, I'm hoping to reach out for help as soon as possible, as I really feel like MD is significantly interfering with the possibilities for my life.


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