I just wanted to know what everyone does when they day dream. For me I rock back and forth and I know for many others, they pace, make facial movements. I just wanna know some of the other types so I can learn more about this more. Also to find more body rockers as I've only ever met one person who does and they do not have MD.

I'm new here so I hope this is in the right area of the site, seems other things i've posted no one sees. Thanks for reading.

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Wow Alex, that is the most immersive experience that I have ever read about.  I tried Virtual Reality glasses at my niece’s once, it must be like that.  Mine is all in my head.

Alex said:

I don't do any singular thing repetitively, I just act out my daydreams. For those of you who do it all in your head, basically I pretend I'm the main character and I "see" the other characters in the room with me and interact with them that way, supplementing it with traditional visualization for the things I can't act out. So my movements are saying/mouthing dialogue, facial expressions, normal conversational gestures, walking/pacing, whatever else.

It appears that pacing seems to be the most common. I was blown away how my therapist in all his years of study had no real answer for me and one day I googled the words disorder pacing wispering and found it. I'm still in shock. Do you guys do it more when you feel "the coast is clear" and you feel safe that nobody will walk in on any given moment? What do you do if somebody does walk in on it? Does it bother you when you notice that there is a surveillance camera in the place you are doing it in? Does the movements intensify to a gallop when listening to music and movies? I'm watching videos on YouTube of autistic children pacing. It looks very similar but the main difference is we hit the off switch the moment we notice we are seen.
I spin as weird as it sounds, I lose myself with the blurring world around me, I also listen to loud music in my headphones as it makes the dream more real and exciting.

I listen to music to help me daydream most of the time or I have the show I daydream about on TV. I pace a lot from room to room, I sometimes mouth what I am saying. When I used to live at home with my parents I would be so worried about them coming home and seeing me pacing that I have created habits I would do so it looked like I wasn't just pacing. 

I will boil the kettle several times and then will eventually make myself a drink. I dust, hoover, wash the floors and do other tidying. I still have these habits now even though I don't live with them anymore but at least I have feel less guilty as I have done something productive while daydreaming.

I walk for hours at night so no one will see my facial expressions.

I tend to rock/sway, walk in circles, tap my feet, twitch my hands, change my facial expressions drastically, and pull at/stroke my hair. Sometimes I also mouth the words being said or say them out loud as well. I presume the pulling is because of trichotillomania that just subconsciously activates during daydreams as well. Whenever I start walking in circles, though, my mother jokes that I am "orbiting." I also often talk and interact with characters as if they're next to me and imagine them there, but I actually never associated this with daydreaming itself. Interesting if it is. 

Most of the time, I'll be online open to various pages so it appears I'm just keeping busy online. Other times, if I'm in bed, I'll shake my foot back & forth and just zone out.
Originally I am a pacer/galopper, but I also spun on a chair, and in the recent time I started shaking my feet whilst lying down.

I make sounds with my mouth and pace around

I rock back and fore when listening to music with headphones on, I dont do this if I am say sitting at the computer or watching TV or something only when I am listening to music on my phone, and that is when day dream the most, music is my main trigger for day dreaming, but I can listen to music and not day dream, (not often) but I always rock back and fore listening to music with headphones on wether I day dream or not, and have done this as long as I can remember 

During a daydream i usually always mouth the conversations i'm having without noticing it. I catch myself mouthing and moving my hands as if i'm having an actual conversation (which in my mind i kind of am??) but instead I just look insane. I used to get made fun of for it during 6th grade, but I had no idea what they were talking about because I didn't realize what I was doing. It wasn't until last year that I actually realized what I was doing. 

Face movements and SMILING. Please help me stop. I do that sometimes. Also arm movements and sounds when I'm alone


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