How was your day?  What did you do?  The least exciting the better.  :D  


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Went to school, was bored to death in assembly, came home, ate a packet of crisps, came on here. Boring. Now I see why I DD so much lol

Yesterday I went to the beach. It was so funny because I went bodyboarding and I surfed this really big wave and fell off the bodyboard! I nearly lost it and it was my brother's! Bodyboarding is good to stop DDing for a while, you can't afford to DD while bodyboarding, if a big wave comes... not good

I worked 8am to 1pm, came home to my friends apartment....whose couch i've been sleeping on because my living situation is complicated right now.

Realized the wifi I'd been mooching off of started working again (OMG yes ^_^)

I jumped and day dreamed for a bit.

Had a smoke (erm, not tobacco >.>). and relished in this wonderful site.

I've been in between day dreaming and looking through discussions on here. i should head to bed soon, i need to wake up at 4am tomorrow *sigh*.
Today I left work early because i couldn't stand working with the girl im in unrequited love with.

I learned to hyperlink (or whatever it's called) in computer class today.  This is my favorite picture, appropriately called Day Dream.   Someone let me know if it worked & you can access it.


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