Does anyone else also have struggles with other obsessions maybe something that triggers or goes with your MDD? For example, i have really unhealthy eating habits and am almost addicted to sugary snacks. I eat about half a pack of biscuits a day, listen to music and DD.

Does anyone else have things that go hand in hand with DD and what do you do to stop it?

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Good Question. I find that DD makes me drink and eat faster. I'll just suck down that drink and scarf up that bowl of chips. I tend to move my body around energetically. One time mom asked me if I was having a nervous breakdown, because I wouldn't sit still. I'm a big finger biter when I get angry, a trigger by MDD.

My MDD slowed down to a stop just recently. So my habits are slowing down too.

Oh wow I eat fast too and bite my finger when I'm mad. I always thought that was anxiety but maybe it's both.

How did manage to slow it down or did it happen naturally?
Secret is to stop being so angry and allowing it to grow in your daydreams. I always find that meditation really works for this. Just think about what your presently doing in action, and if people are starting to talk. I tend to gyrate in my chair in front of my family members, and they will start to ask a sarcastic question. So I either try to stop, or maybe just sit somewhere else.
Yes I definitely need to focus on the present.

I'm starting to find DD getting very intense and almost spilling into real life. Like doing facial expressions and whispering to myself. Gets awkward when I think people have noticed lol.

For Me it's similar I listen to music and move around the house DDing (sounds weird) but yes Music is one of the greatest trigger of mine.Talking about food it doesn't affect me much but I've realised,that only some of it like music,movies and manga triggers me alot..and I kinda think kinetic movement and doing facial expressions is common in DDing..

It's great to talk to people discussing about MD

Talking about stopping it, I socialize with people more often and do things which keep me busy like studying,reading newspaper,doing household etc. so it helps me alot to prevent it...

So,Goodbye for now.I Hope it helps you..

When I was in my 20's, whenever a rock song came on, my imagination used to go wild to an extent my head was buzzing and my eyes got spacey. I met some people who tried to tell me something, when they had clearly noticed, I looked like I was in another world. I was so distracted and out of it, and others found me deaf.

Now an older adult, I can control my thoughts, even when an exciting tune comes on. It takes a lot of self control and discipline to say "no" to an old friend that used to make you feel so ecstatic. Eventually, you do have to grow up and get with reality.

Hi Harshu, yes that does help. I try to keep busy when I can but I think I need to have a set routine so whenever I'm about to start daydreaming, I have something to do straight away instead.

Silver Swan, I wish I could just 'get with reality' but it's so entrenched in my daily life - and has been since I was young - so it's a bit hard to just snap out of. But I'm trying.

Yes, obsessions seem to be quite common along with the MDD.

I love to search for the new images from my favourite films/TV series and hoard them on my PC. I have some favourite films/TV shows from which I use its characters in MDD. I also screencap them myself from my favourites. I have an entire external hard disc filled with the material (images, GIFs, short videos) on my PC.

Then I spend hours every day sorting these images and screencaps on my PC while listening to music and MDD.

Sometimes, I write a few keywords e.g. in the Google images search engine and I spend hours just staring at the results, often listening to music.

Finding a single image that I haven't seen before on the internet is more thrilling than things that happen to me in the real life.

Yes, I'm that pathetic.

The only obsession is to find someone that does reciprcal masturbation through webcam,and all them ask money and its stupid because its the same moves they do,its like a ''repeat''


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