Hey guys,

I was researching a lot about MDD recently, I had been struggling with it for many years. I managed to stopped it and I have been living MDD free for half a year.

My problem is that I had to stop all daydreaming in order to do not relapse and I lost my main cope-with-stress strategy; every little failure or mistake makes me feel miserable. Sometimes I feel so empty without daydreams, I used to never be alone in my head. Part of me understands that I am making a bigger difference in reality now, but part of me cannot deal with a fact that my life is not special and it's pretty gray.

I want to ask, how did your life change after MDD or during periods without MDD? Did you end up feeling better in the end? 

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I can speak from my own experience. There was a time when my daydreaming had completely vanished, but that didn't automatically make anything better, it couldn't. I understood that fooling myself into thinking everything was fine was a waste of time and a trap, and that whether or not I would feel better in the future would in greatest part be up to me - keyword: understood, I already knew.
It's one of those things, you know, negating something bad won't instantly make everything else better.


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