I feel that I live more in the world of me, instead of out there in the real one. I can tell, because I can't immerse and relate myself to my family's daily political discussions, what's happening out there, also I don't listen very well and don't verbally talk about my views of the real world. I just completely live in my own head and dwell in my own false belief system — dreaming up any nonsense that comes up in my mind. I wonder if this is exactly why relationships and friendships are so very scarce in my real life. Is she listening to me? Where did she go? I don't know about this bonding? I've always wanted to be in a relationship, but got the feeling I blew it, because I turned everything away for living and believing in non-existent places or people. Others can tell just by the way I look in the face.

So, I am trying to slow down maladaptive daydreaming, because it really just took away everything I was looking forward to pursuing in life.

Does anybody have this concern? They almost can't relate with anything to do with real life situations, can't even get their heads into politics, leaders and external events?

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You might be closer to the solution than you think. You already recognize that your daydreams are constructed from nonsense, that those beliefs are false, that all that fantasizing has a negative effect on your life while giving nothing in return. The way you talk about it shows hostility and friction building up.

If you're bent on getting rid of this persistent dead weight, why not start digging into its nature to figure out what created it in the first place? You could find something very interesting.

Thanks for your advice. That's a good idea.


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