Is it possible that MD can throw you in the enormous inaction?


I'm quite new here and I have some questions to ask you guys.

I have just realised I have MD since I "don't-really-remember" time. Daydreaming was always my little secret which kept me alive and happy.I had no idea that there are other people who also live in their imaginary world and that there is even a sctientific word for it. In fact,now it's consuming my thoughts

But I feel good about it. I love my daydreams. I cannot imagine my life without them. I have always been absentminded to the point when people around me become annoyed,etc. I have always had huge problems with concentration and getting things done. But I always believed that all those unpleasant problems had their source in my unproductivness and laziness.

I don't really like myself. I would love to be more productive and have a real passion instead of daydreaming only.Now my life mainly consists of searching for the triggers for my daydreams (internet,music,movies,books).And that's all.

I always wanted to write stories which I create during my daydreaming,but when I start to write...another daydream comes in my head. Honestly,I'm not so fond of writing despite the fact that many people tell me that I have a talent to this. I prefer daydreaming about my stories than writing them.

I feel powerless. I was trying to force myseld to finish my projects many times,but it just didin't work,or worked only for short time. I want to have passion to which I would easily stick to. I want to gain some success in life and feel that my life has some sense.I want to fullfill my dreams. But I always decide to do the thing later,repeat the same mistakes over and over and distract myself with thoughts or new daydreams.

Why do I have so huge problem with accomplishing literally everything? Is this MD or just simple laziness? Is it possible that habit of fantasizing and playing with my own imagination-one of the most significant things which I value secretly so much-is the reason why I can't control and almost hate myself?

Should I really give up on daydreaming if I want to gain happiness and fulfillment in my life? If yes,what should I do?

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Have you ever considered that instead of daydreaming being why you don't have happiness and fulfillment, it might be the other way around? Let's pretend for a moment that this was the case. If your life is a tormented, unfulfilled disaster, that leaves a gaping void in your mind where the happiness should be, and the human brain doesn't take kindly to nothingness. Nothingness has the power to drive you insane in moments, you can't comprehend "nothing", your brain can't process it, so what does it do? It simulates what should be there to compensate for it, to try and plug the hole.

You can't experience fulfillment, so you dream of it - or rather, you dream of what you think it would be like. It's still bad, incredibly dangerous long-term, but it's still better than instantly losing your mind.

See the problem here? MDD isn't what holds you back from accomplishing things, it's a natural reaction to prevent you from going completely mad, a reaction to something buried deep inside your head. If you want to know what is really wrong, you'll have to start digging. It might take a while and it will feel like a stroll through the burning pits of hell, but it's the only way to know the real reason behind it all.

All that being said, I just told you what worked for me. I don't know what goes on inside your mind, in fact I can't know. Actually no one can know unless you find out first and tell them.

Although I do agree with Source to an extent,

MDD is probably a part of what is holding you back, because you would rather be daydreaming your mind won't be able to stay focused on what you're doing.

I love my daydreams too :) It's just lately I've begun to realise how much they are holding me back and hold others back from actually doing things we should be doing or want to do real life, and that's frightening to me.

You can't just give up on daydreaming, that probably wouldn't be a good idea anyways, I mean, everyone daydreams. It is fine to do it only becomes a problem when it prevents you from actually accomplishing anything outside of your daydreams xx


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