I was really small when I began to day dream. Mostly happened during long car trips, which is why I loved them so much. Typically I'd put my headphones on and just zone out. Go to a place that, at the time, I had no idea was going to go on long-term. 

To be honest, I never saw it as a problem. I found myself becoming more creative and much more open minded about what to write about. I really liked it. It was a door way that lead to a stairway- and that would lead to becoming a writer or artist.  I read a lot about people having MDD and being anti-social. That wasn't the case for me. I was always happy and people enjoyed my company. Sure it lead to me having unrealistic expectations but through age and learning the 'hard' way I found a solution to stop that train of thinking. 

I'm here because I want to help. I want people to understand that this, in a very difficult way to see, is a blessing. Our minds are constantly in action from thought, always ready for us, and created a world for us entirely. It's hard for me to think of or even understand what goes on in the minds of those who don't have MDD. I imagine emptiness that is occupied, once in a while, with thoughts of complicated decisions or memories being re-winded.  

My only reason of not coming out with this to my loved ones is simply this; in a world where our very own life's are borrowed the only things that can truly ever be ours is our choices, our emotions, and our imagination. 

This is mine.

This is me. 

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Hey Peach, welcome to WM. I wish the chat were busier these days. Conversations were never in short supply before, but now it's a bit of a graveyard at times. It's funny that you mention car trips...I have always taken books and games with me on long flights and road trips. But i never actually read them or did anything other than daydream. I think dd'ing was more interesting anyway. Take care! 

For me, I have had some creativity come out of my DD'ing and in some ways it does direct my life. Occasionally I would think over and over what I would say or do in a particular situation, and I do that once I face that situation.

But I dont think for me its an entirely creative process. It sometimes shows me things that I feel are impossible in real life and the moment I get out of the dream, I feel extremely depressed. Sometimes its just mindless fantasies that I dont see contributing to any positivity in my life, atleast for me.

You mentioned an interesting thing about how it must be in the minds of people who are not like us. I dont know but I have some idea. I know many friends from different points of my life who i think never day dreamed. Why would i know? Well for once because they would always be so occupied almost dangerously so. So much, that it would actually freak them out to be alone. I realised this as I found out how different I was from these people. Either they would just always be in relationships or they would sometimes even form relationships just to avoid being alone. This is not to say, people who dont DD are leading a shallow lives. But surprisingly a quite a few of them are. Its quite easy to go on with life and never see running away from oneself as a problem. Because here we are, terribly addicted and wanting to change it, we actually are able to reason it out but at the same time also agree that running away from with oneself is not the solution.


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