I'm curious what is the longest day dream you have had?

I'm really curious to know what the longest daydream everyone has had and which character has been with them the longest?

My longest daydream I have had was for several years through out my teenage years about a tv character being my sister. The show ran for 7 years so I guess that's how long my daydreaming took place so from the age of 12-19, I would immerse myself in the world completely and had friendships and romantic relationships with other characters in the show. I would watch the show repeatedly and I would write fan fiction including myself within the story.

I was bullied slot throughout high school and this was my escape. The character in the show was strong and confident and everything I wanted to be and I really needed someone then to be there for me which she was in my daydreams.

Since then my characters have changed quickly in comparison, now most are based on romance rather than a sibling relationship. The longest daydream I have had within the last 10 years is the one I have currently which has been for over a year as my daydreaming has got worse again as I have felt lost again very much like I did in high school.

I would love to hear others experiences and how long their daydreams have lasted?

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I have been daydreaming with the same plot and characters for about 12 years. It helped me all throughout middle and high school, and now I am a junior in college still daydreaming the same plot. 

I have had two major plots. One of them went for around 3 or 4 years, the other 8-9 years. Both have included the same main character. The first plot was a fantasy world, somewhat like Lord of the Rings and Warcraft with Dragons and magic. The longer one involves my character being a famous actress and musician.

I have been daydreaming about the same character for 5 years now and that's my longest. In the past, my daydreams have only revolved a year or two around one main character. 

Same character for close to 16yrs for the overall world they are in close to 30yrs. I used this world to escape everything the real world had to offer.

The oldest continuous story I developed first when I was in floating around in my grandparents' pool. I must have been 8 or 9, definitely pre-pubescent. Which would mean it's been going on for almost 30 years. 

I should clarify that the story has changed radically over the years. The only constants are the title, the general premise, the main character, and a few key incidents I made up back then. 

darmody said:

The oldest continuous story I developed first when I was in floating around in my grandparents' pool. I must have been 8 or 9, definitely pre-pubescent. Which would mean it's been going on for almost 30 years. 

10 years, one storyline, 15 years, another in the same world I built....give or take weeks where I had to focus on school, college, or work. 

I've had one long daydream for about 10 years now. But I have to admit that I've had shorter daydreams in between a few times. Those would last anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months. I've also had two daydreams before this that lasted over a year. 

Kinda depends on your definition, cause I have one long-ass daydream that I'll reinvent as I change to suit my interests/needs. The narrative includes at least my 10 year-old self's daydreams so 13 years I guess. Same with the character; she's had three names now, looked all sorts of ways, but she's canonically the same person that experienced everything. 

Theaxe said:

I have been the same character since I was about 12 or 13, but my character is also a Mary-Sue character who is incredibly famous and just stars in amazing blockbuster hit movies.  So every 2-8 years the character will be promoting a new movie she's in, which is essentially the next daydream. If I get a bit bored of it, my character is on all the talk shows and even hosts SNL to promote herself. But basically it's the exact same daydreaming character I've had for the last 30 years, just playing different parts which are my sub-daydreams which last a few years each time. My current one has been with me for about eight years - which is one of my longest-running episodes. (It's apparently the best film she's ever made. LOL)

Just wanted to say this is exactly what I did for years and I love that I'm not alone in that, except she was also a witch who went to Hogwarts lmao. Whatever movie/TV show I was interested in, she'd either play my favorite character, or I'd make up a character for her. Now she's just a dorky college girl turned youtube/twitch personality and less Mary-Sue-ish cause she's more based off me now.

I don’t recall my very early dreams.  I had one in my early teens, then developed another in uni that lasted 30 years.  An intense one that maybe only lasted 5 years then one that lasted about 20.  Some overlap but not much.  Some shorter unrelated dreams, a few months. I am close to 70 years old and I am guessing a bit at the lengths.  I was never without one and there have been 3 major stories and one shorter but very intense one that around because of a miserable period in my life.


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