Ok, so living openly and writing about it has been very freeing.  I feel like I want to flaunt everything.  This one is like the discussion "Today, I.........." except it's all about flaunting anything and everything you want to brag about.  Go for it!  It doesn't have to be something you did today.  It can be anything you want to brag about.

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Ok, so I started taking a medication that my doc said was for OCD and could help with sleep. Medications for mental issues have not helped in the past, but since it can help with my sleep, I thought I'd give it a shot. He didn't tell me it was an anti-psychotic. I'm not sure how many of you are going to read that and gasp. Maybe none of you. I am just too entertained by this that the smart-ass in me has been cracking jokes ever since. I wonder if I should make it part of my signature. Hmmmmmm............. Maybe I should add it to my twitter bio. It already says I'm a "general lunatic". Maybe I could work that in. I think I'm gonna keep taking this drug even if it doesn't work just for the extra joke material. That is, after all, the most important thing in life.
When asked to write about my role models in a journal for my writing class.............I said that I have Maladaptive Daydreaming, so most of my role models were fictional characters in my head. Yep, I said it, and I couldn't stop cracking up while I wrote the rest of it. Hey, why lie when the truth is so nuts and interesting? Maybe I'll post that later.
you have every right to brag, congrats on the mention in Sci-american MIND. (i got it at the airport after i got out of looney bin) so far i find it impossible to connect with random people after telling them my condition, which i still don't completely know about. and congrats on being able to laugh, thats kind of hard for some.
What I love is when I'm dreaming and something comes up in a dream, like a character will say something so spontaneously, so off the cuff and unexpectedly that I'd almost swear it didn't come from me, but I know it did, I guess I'm just so damn clever and quick witted that way, lol. And when it's something funny, which it is half the time, it will sometimes actually interrupt my dream cuz I'm laughing so hard I nearly fall out of bed. (I dream lying in bed - I suppose others could fall out of their rocking chair or stop their pacing bowed over in laughter, but you get the picture I'm sure). I love being blessed with such an imagination that I can entertain myself in my own mind so wonderfully. There are equal opposite emotions and I've had to stop and grab a tissue for tears on many occasions but really, laughing yourself out of bed, that is classic, no, no, no..... priceless.
Oh yeah, that definitely sounds like something I would do.  In fact, I do.  I walk around daydreaming during the course of my day, and my characters are ALWAYS saying funny things.  It's embarrassing because I really can't stop snickering, hard as I try.  I don't pace when I daydream at home as I would CERTAINLY fall on my face.  Not only am I clumsy and would do that anyway, but I live in a tiny studio with 2 very needy cats anyway.  I'd be in a body cast if I tried to pace and daydream.  Lol!

I also love it when two or three characters have a silly or witty banter back and forth. They always manage to make such sharper come-backs then I feel like I ever could, but they came from my imagination so I guess I can... When ever I imagine a particularly funny scene it usually makes me smile or snicker. Which can be a little embarrassing if I'm in a class and happen to be staring intently at a person. I often dream in my bed at night though, so if doesn't often matter.

Hmm... This reminds me of something else I do... If's I'm drawing a character's face, my face often makes the same expression that character is making. I know of other artists who do this as well, so I'm not sure if it's really related.

I agree.
You have every right to brag, saw the article...actually, the person who is researching this MD thing told me about it, I wasn't aware:D Great article.....
I am too chicken to come out, as it were....
It's ok. It takes time, but it feels a lot better. I think accepting yourself always feel better. The hurt of not being yourself always seems a lot worse than any negative attention that also happens to come with the world understanding the truth a bit better. What they thought was much worse than the truth. They thought I was a depressed freak. It turns out I'm just addicted to my own thinking. Most of them could stand to think a bit more.
What if you're a depressed freak and addicted to your own thinking like me?  hmm,     guess it's a good thing I've accepted myself, lol
You're not a freak. Many super creative people live like this. Maybe you're depressed because it's hard living in a stupid world when you're smarter & more creative than average? That could be the issue. If the world were as creative as you, maybe you'd enjoy it more. Maybe we just need to get some of our creativity out, so we can smarten up those freaks.
My Gothic Lit prof suggested that Anne Rice may have had this. She finds this condition fascinating. She's wonderfully supportive. I finally wrote 2 stories for class, and she said she loved them. She said it was amazing how I could have those characters in my head for all those years. Maybe something good can come of this. Maybe we're all secret mad geniuses. I would that so much more than being a "normal" simpleton.


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