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As you've all probably figured out by now (the main page being a huge clue), I've had a really bad form of this all my life.  It has GREATLY hampered my ability to concentrate.  I fail my classes, though I'm smart, and kick, scream, and cry every time I have to try and study.  It's really fun.  Anyway, so here's my "does anyone else do this" post.  I pretty much can't read anything and absorb it even a LITTLE bit unless I'm writing out everything I'm trying to read.  I've tried to embrace this, but it's just so much work.  Obviously I can't write out everything, and it takes so long that I usually end up getting bored and having to stop & come back.  It started out as me just trying to take notes off my writing, but I quickly realized that I was copying almost every line down.  It sucked, but I weathered it.  Lately my MD has been as bad as ever, and so has my concentration.  I've found that I'll literally stare at something and try to read it dozens of times, but I'm so spaced out that I can't even absorb even a single word............until I copy it down.  Then a light switches on in my head and I absorb it.........somewhat, at least.  I absorb it a lot better.  While I'm glad this works, it's extremely tedious and time-consuming to try and type or write every little thing out.  Does anyone else have to do this?  




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nope, i'm the opposite, i can absorb information from just reading it once
I'm sorry, did you think this was the "I have to brag......." discussion?  :P
I'm curious, would you consider yourself a fast reader Drake? Faster than the average person.
yesh i am quite a fast reader. haw haw cordellia x3
I heard that fast readers absorb information better than slow readers. It seems like it should be the other way around but it isn't. All the fast readers I know absorb all information on their first read while slow readers, like myself, find it extremely hard to absorb everything on their first go. *sigh*

Cordellia, do you have this same problem when it comes to reading information on the forum? 

I'm guessing not because you seem to read and respond to so much here, so that makes me wonder what makes studying different for you than internet  reading?  Could it be that you're just not interested in whatever it is you're studying?

I have this problem all the time.  It's a sluggishness that requires me to force and force and force myself to read......and is only helped if I try to write it all down.  Yes, I have that problem here.  Chances are, if it's a long post, I can't do more than skim.  I just can't.  This doesn't affect my ability to reply.  It's not like I LITERALLY can't read.  If you post something really long & notice that my reply seems a little off............there ya go.  I just wanted to know if anyone else had it this bad.  I don't need to try and figure it out.  I already understand it.  It just sucks.

Hmm... If I'm reading a book with a story I can read really fast and remember almost everything. How ever if I'm reading a text book (particularly my a math heavy text book, if it's a science or history text book I can think of it like a story and be fine) I have a very very hard time fully absorbing the information. And it's frustrating because I feel like I should be able to wiz through it and still get everything even though I know I can't. I still try to speed-read though, and I end up spacing out while just moving my eyes over the words quickly.

And when I take notes, I often find that I'm not "taking notes" but copying entire sentences that I think are important. I don't often take notes though, since I don't really relish the act of writing. I prefer to try and keep things in my head.

Maybe I should try writing things from my physics text book, since I have a really hard time concentrating on that... It would be easier if writing wasn't such a bother for me...

I also really like to re-read books dozens of times. Something that frustrates my brother endlessly... :/

Hey,  I read your artical in the Scientific America and I think that its really courages of you.  I am a lot older than you and have struggled with what you have discribed all of my life.  In my case I have been told that I have a form of dyslexia.  (perceptual learning disability).  I have never really had the money to be diagnosed by real professionals.

Reading is very difficult, taking good notes almost impossable.   I think daydreaming is inevitable when the task is difficult.   Despite all of this I recieved my Masters last year.  My advise, don't let anything ,anyone,or your ability to distract yourself get in the way of your dreams!  Fight it, with what ever it takes, friends, suport groups , family,  theropy, meds.  Don't listen to people who say negetive things .  Look for mentors, to inspire you, you are not alone!


Thanks, guys.  I'm certain this, along with all my other crazy symptoms is due to my extreme daydreaming.  Remember, I've been doing this ALL my life, as far back as I can remember.  It's hard to explain just how bad it is.  Being zoned out is my natural state of being.  It's not like I "go into a daydream".  Daydreaming is my natural state of being.  Sure it's harder with more technical things, but this happens even when I read a "fun" book.  It's no different.  It gets a little better after a long while, after I've spent hours trying to read a few paragraphs for awhile.  This is my normal state.  No one seems to get it.  It's not a thing that passes.  This is why I'll spend 8-12 hours trying to focus on a few pages of a text book.  It's not about an ability to read or think.  It's not about a learning disability.  It's about me trying to force my brain into an unnatural state for it so I can absorb a different kind of information than it's used to.  My brain grew up feeding off its own stimuli.  It rejects external stimuli.  I reject it.  I'm the negative person.  I'm trying to embrace it all and work with it because I can't be all negative.  There has to be a reason for this.  In the meantime, I would sure love to read some more.  I'm not asking for help or encouragement.  I'm far too serious to enjoy it.  I was just curious.  Thanks.
One thing I do, which takes alot less time, is underline with a straight -edge bookmark (so it looks neat, there's so much of it.) I underline highlights, main points, etc.  Sometimes I delineate sub-points with 1., 2. 3., etc. along sidelines.  I never read without a pen and bookmark in my hand, and at times I'm a very good reader.  Sometimes this doesn,t even work, but more often than not it does.
I can't handle marking up my books, thanks. Besides, I need the notes later for studying anyway.


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