I have noticed that many of the post mention being an artist or a creative writer. Just wondering if it may have something to do with the right brain. I am a visual artist, pastel painter.

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I'm an artist and crafter.  I used to write but my mind is too sluggish anymore.
Iv always had an interest in writing. I think I was the only one in uni who actually enjoyed the essays. Iv never pursued writing any further than that though.
i love any sort of design. From fashion to interior. I love writing and drawing but its not something i do too often.
I draw, sculpt, used to design clothes. Now studying architecture. There is obviously a connection between creativity and imagination/daydreaming, but so much more to it, I think this could be a quest for a life-time... Do you find that your creative work feeds your DD's? I find that creative work fully occupies my mind, I go into a spin-off that is like the state of DD, but the outcome of it exists in the real world. It's a relief :)
Since I started having DDs I haven't felt like painting. But when I have tried it occupied my mind which was helpful. I couldn't seem to stick to it for long. I used to be able to paint for hours.
Except for this, I could not do anything artsy or creative to save my life.
I write, and I guess the DD helps in the sense that it helps you create palpable scenarios and characters in your head (after all this is what this syndrome is all about) but I have to say that I really find it distracting in the process of putting things down on paper .I have a really hard time staying focused-   it's like there's an eternal cacophony in my mind, and I have a hard time achieving clarity. I guess it could potentially help the creative process but only if you learn how to tame the beast, make it go where you want. after all art or writing isn't just about creativity, it's also about discipline

Hi greyartist :)

I am a painter, draftsperson, all-around visual artist. I have been all my life. Daydreaming distracts me from any given piece I am working on...it sucks!

I myself am a screenwriter, though I do branch off into other genres of writing. I love writing poems, short stories and monologues. I've also had ideas for a stage play that I have yet to begin brainstorming for. Too many movies in my head! I love art, architecture and fashion but I can't draw to save my life.
I take an interest in writing/ Photography ^_^

I've begun writing down ideas from my DDs to hopefully use in a story. I'd like to write a novel but whenever I try it just isn't as good as it is in my head!

I also enjoy playing music (guitar and piano).

Me too, I just started writing down my daydreams. I would love to write stories or a novel. But I have to say that many of my friends want to be writers too, so I don't think that it's connected to being a daydreamer. It seems to me almost everybody fancies themselves a bit of a writer. The difference between wanting to be and actually being a writer is the action you take. Just write everyday, you will get better with practice! (And now I'll start to follow my own advice. I'm taking my first writing class tonight).


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