Well, I’m going to identify myself as a G, because I don’t really like my name and it’s big. And sorry for the English, I’m from Brazil and have some difficulties in this language. I just wanted to ... well, say hello. I discovered this forum this week and MD a few weeks ago. Before I thought I was crazy, a freak, something unsolved. I’ve done a lot of research into any similar condition in psychology, but I don’t think I’ve expressed myself well. I do this because I understand myself for people and I do it several hours a day. It has always hindered me. I wanted to break up, but I don’t know how, so I’m really frustrated with myself. I thought I was alone, but I’m kind of relieved that I’m not, but also sad that more people are going through it. So that’s it. I apologize for any clerical error, English is not my first language.

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Hello G! I hope you find some good discussions here. I'd suggest starting with eretaia's discussions and her blog on MD.

Take care,


Thanks c! I’ll look for this blog. I am not used to using forums so maybe take a little jdkdjksdk, take care also c! thanks for the affection!

Hi G, welcome to the forum.  I speak Brazilian Portuguese and am interested in one day visiting your country. :)

Oh my God Aprelle you speak Portuguese is so cool! I get really excited when I see people from other countries speaking my language. I’m sure that if you can come, you will love Brazil! Thank you for the affection!

Welcome G! You've nothing to be ashamed of here! <3 I think we're the coolest, most interesting people. 

Thank you Amanda, it’s so nice not to feel weird somewhere! I’m feeling very happy here

Amanda said:

Bem-vindo G! Você não tem nada para se envergonhar aqui! <3 Acho que somos as pessoas mais legais e interessantes. 

Hello and welcome!

Your post is sweet. I felt exactly the same when I first came here.

I thought: "oh my god, people like me DO exist!" ...and there are so many of us.



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