Has anyone felt more and more disconnected with reality?

Recently, it seems that I have lived in my head more than the real world. I daydream everyday for several hours about old schoolmates and being closer to them than I actually was. As days pass, I am becoming more and more disconnected with reality. I dont feel like engaging with anyone quite as much as I like engaging with people in my daydreams. It's gotten to the point that when I am not daydreaming, I am depressed because my reality is nothing like my daydreams. I am trying to be more outgoing but in many ways, I am still an introvert. It sucks because even when I do engage with others its never the way I imagined it to be. Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me? How have you dealt with this issue?

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What you wrote is really sad, and it doesn't paint a pretty picture. I can't help but wonder how alien the world must feel to you in order to be pushing you towards isolating your perception like this. You're walking down a path that will bring you nothing but pain and madness. You can't exist properly if you're split in half between your own mind and the reality outside of it, with no way to bridge the gap between them. If this goes on you might become completely blind to what happens around you, and trust me, you don't want that.
You could try to see this whole thing from a different angle; think of what you place in your daydreams as signals telling you about something that isn't quite right in your real life. What do you think is wrong with your life? What does it look like in your daydreams (meaning, what would you want it to be like)? And what can you do about it to make it less wrong?
You don't need to tell me or anyone else, the important thing is that you find the answer to those questions for yourself, and it has to be honest or you'll be stuck at square one. If you decide to do something about it, you have to mean it. Don't obsess and get frustrated over what you don't have, or it will stay that way.
Finally, be warned. Once you start digging, things could get very painful. The trip down through hell and all the way back kind of painful. It's a necessary price, but you have to mean it if you decide to go through with it.

I am going through exactly the same thing and am closely examining my life, to see what changes I need to make to keep myself healthy. 

It's seems to depend on the day, but overall I have felt a disconnect. 

I'm feeling this very much at the minute. Which is unfortunately increasingly my anxiety and the thought that I an actually going insane. As a working mum of two happy married I can more or less day dream constantly and am really beginning to feel like I just go through the motions in real life. Have started fluoxetine so hoping this helps. Seriously need to feel more comfortable in real life again.

I'm recently just getting over this problem. My dreams used to be so thick and take over my sense of reality too. Yes, the longer you do it, the worse it will get. I started waking up at age 29, and gradually, since then I've been resisting what I use to enjoy in my day dreams. I listen to people better and look more at the realistic world as it stands. I'm even getting more interested in world news and politics. I realize that my MD could have ruined my life and made my life long goals unfulfilled, if I had continued to do this for decades more. Take my advice, and stop as soon as you can.

It's scary at first, and your going to feel funky, as reality is so alien to the things you dream up. Eventually, you'll start to get the hang of reality again. To this day, I feel so mortified and ashamed of what I've done since I was 12.
I find it so difficult and overwhelming to break it to any friend, relative and colleague who I know, because they'll think I am nuts. At least, I have broken out of my MD, and will continue on in a healthier, brighter and better path, now that I've learned and I'm quitting.


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