So I just created a post where I bled out my heart only for the system to glitch.
I know I'm not active here but I desperate
Meladaptive daydreaming is destroying my life and I can't get help anywhere
If I'm destined to be enslaved by this do I just surrender to it or do I go out on my own terms.

I have no control over the daydreams anymore, being out of that world is agony, being in it is futile.

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Living with Maladaptive Daydreaming can be extremely difficult, as the condition can seem to seep out all the energy and progress from our real lives.

However, I believe change is absolutely possible. I believe that we can slowly and gradually start taking small steps to improve our real lives. These steps may seem insignificant at first, but they give us real and tangible progress to work with, and build something that can last beyond our daydreams.

It's okay to feel sad and hopeless at times, but we must not forget that things WILL get better eventually. With time, we can shift our real lives to make them more fulfilling and consistent with what we want, and over time can slowly reduce the urge to daydream.

As for steps to take forward, I believe this series of blog posts articulates strategies and reasonings in a way that's far better than what I can explain:

I wish you all the best of luck, and know that real life will get better!

I know there are other people on a different forum who are taking part in an online treatment program. Maybe you could ask them about it and what it is they are doing. I saw it on the Daydream in Blue MD forum and again on the reddit page. I wish I had more advice as I know how isolating this addiction can be. 


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