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As I posted in my blog, I've been dealing with some health issues for a while, which is why I've been so absent.  I'm on the mend, though.  You'd think that with all the laying around and recuperating I've been doing, I'd be fantasizing a lot, but I haven't.  The truth is, when I'm not feeling well, it's very hard for me to really get into my fantasy world.  My fantasy world is full of intellectually stimulating conversations and strong emotions, so it can be a bit exhausting.  It actually takes a certain amount of energy for me to daydream.  I just can't do it when I'm not well.  

What about you?  When you're physically ill, do you daydream more, the same, or less?  

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It depends. If I'm well enough to go to school I usually daydream the same amount. If I'm stuck at home but not feeling tired, I daydream more because of the extra time. If I'm feeling tired, I daydream less.
Depends on what variety of 'sick' I am. If I feel like garbage and need to engage in any kind of task that requires me to be present, I won't be able to daydream. Every ounce of my diminished brain power will need to be focused on the task at hand.

Even when I was just lying around weak from malnutrition and dehydration, I couldn't daydream.  When I feel horrible, I just can't focus on anything else.  

I can't daydream when I am sick, stressed or depressed. I need to be emotionally neutral.,
When I'm ill I find that I daydream more. I noticed when I had the flu and was bedridden, I found it hard to switch off from my day dreams.

When I'm sick (like, sick-sick, not just "have a cold" sick), I tend to become more obsessive-compulsive, so then I end up watching a lot of TV and movies to distract myself from the OC stuff.  So, I guess I daydream a little less automatically when I'm sick, but I can still do it.  I come up with stories about people who also aren't well either, so it makes sense that they can't think that clearly, so I can think about them even when I'm sick.  

When I am physically ill I can not day dream at all dear.

I wish that I can so that I can ignore the physical pain. when I force myself too dd it doesn't last and does not become as interesting as I would like to be.

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