like mine is mostly alot of drama between everyone
and the hardships of their lives
and living their lives and whatnot
i dont know
i guess im trying to say is what goes on through out your daydream?
if im making any sense loll 

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I'm sorry no one has answered your question yet. Well here I am! I guess it's hard to talk about what is in my DD because it's quite personal. And I kind of feel like...maybe someone will think I'm really sick in the head.

But actually, to share something with you... my DD is often about family life, and a family that I pick (of course) for my character. My DD's tend not to have men in them much. I like the comfort of womens company. That's the best way I can explain it. Things go wrong. We comfort each other. Drama, drama, drama! But it always turns out good in the end, just like in most movies.

Well, that's a bit of me anyway. What about you?

Jules (:

There is another post asking the same question from a few days ago, maybe people who answered there are not answering here. But I'll share again. :)

I always DD about me in some other time, realm, world etc(Never in current time or reality.) where I have to learn to survive, speak the language, learn new skills, learn to fight etc. Become accepted into the village, tribe, group etc. The idealized me is smart enough to do it and is always liked by the people and accepted.  I think it is my mind trying to fix my feelings of not fitting in or not being accepted in the real world. I do on occassion DD about a book, fixing an ending I didn't like but I'm not in those.

My DDs have changed as I've gotten older. When I was little I was always a princess who had been kidnapped by some evil man and some handsome prince came to rescue me. I would always have a different story line and be playing a different character. Sometimes they would last a few days and sometimes a few months but they would go on until I felt my storyline had played out and ended. Then a few years ago I started one that has never ended. I always go to the same DD now. I play a specific made up character and she has the same friends all the time and the same family members. Generally no one from my real life is in them. That tends to make things awkward when I see the person in real life. But sometimes I will have characters based on real life people. Most of them are either celebrities or totally made up people. Generally they are actors or singers. I'll watch a movie and think a guy is cute and boom. Cami meets him and is dating him. Sometimes its hard to separate myself and Cami in my mind. Like I have in my head what she looks like (she's beautiful by the way) and then I'll see myself in the mirror and be like what the hell? Who is that ugly person? In that way I fell like my DDs are making my life worse, even though they improve it in a lot of ways.

I'll share on this, maybe I can offer a differant insite, because my DDs are differant and I'm a male. My DDs aren't long and continues, They are more like just the best scenes of a movie instead of the whole thing. Sometimes i cont. off of a DD if it's really interesting me or if im watching a tv show that I've DD about b4, but useally they switch after just a little while. I useally do 4-6 scenerios a day.  As to what they are about...... anything; I enjoy all sorts of genres, so my DDs go all over. From just me hanging out with my real friends, to something complex like a large war(sometimes im not even in it), watching the characters battle it out to the death, there pretty random. Unless something triggers it, like music, videos, or games then my DD useally co-insides with it. With music, Im useally in the band playing it or at a concert of the song, with videos they have the same genre and enviroment but i make my own characters and actions, and games are about the same, when a big or exciting part happens in it, I DD it, filling in all the details and making it even better. Some other things about my DDs are; I dont use names often at all, unless someone needs to call out to them or something, they go unnamed, and sometimes I go back and replay a part of my DD, to change something (make it better) or just to watch it over.


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